Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Coming To Switch, PS4, PC; Trailer Takes Dig At Star Citizen
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Double Damage Games announced that a prequel to Rebel Galaxy called Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is currently in development and scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2019 for PC, Nintendo Switch and the PS4. The developers released an announcement trailer that covered some of the basic elements of what’s going to be featured in the spiritual prequel next year, all while also taking the opportunity to completely throw shade at RSI and CIG’s Star Citizen.

The CGI announcement trailer features an alien that confirms that Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will include Y-axis traversal for the spaceships this time around, which is an upgrade over the limited X-axis and Z-axis maneuverability that gamers were restricted to in the first game.

After confirming that full 460-degree movement would be available in the upcoming title, the alien then took an opportunity to joke about how gamers could spend $1,000 to get a hold of a JPEG of a ship that would eventually be in development at some point in the future.

The Star Citizen burn did not go unnoticed by the comment section, and it was probably the most commented topic of the trailer. I don’t know if that speaks well to the anticipation of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw when most of the people in the comment section are talking about a competitor’s game, but it is what it is.

The game itself will feature around 20 hours of in-game space radio to accompany the Americana-in-space questing, which includes a solo campaign, side-quests that involve poker, sexy space chicks, and billiards, and more.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Space Combat

According to Travis Baldree, the co-founder of Double Damage Games, it was about taking everything that worked from the original Rebel Galaxy and improving it within Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, saying in the press release…

“We took what worked from the last title, and then went a little crazy. It’s got a stronger focus on story and place, a huge jump in detail, and while it still works great for folks with a HOTAS at home, I think we’ve managed to make space combat accessible and fun for everybody else in a way that nobody has managed before. We’ve got a lot more to share in the months ahead”

It’s true that probably the most consistent complaint from owners of Rebel Galaxy was that the game lacked vertical movement. Now that Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will feature the ability to travel up and over or down and under objects, I’m sure everyone will be happy on the internet… pfft.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Ship Docked

Anyway, the prequel is set 34 years before the events of the first game, and you take on the role of a female smuggler (of course) named Juno Markev who ends up getting dragged back into a life of crime after her ship gets trashed and she ends up in debt and must take on missions to pay it off.

You can look for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw to launch in the first quarter of 2019 for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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