Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Ada Wong Will Be Dressed More “Realistic”
Resident Evil 2 Remake Ada Wong

An interview that took place with Eurogamer back on August 23rd, 2018 touched on some interesting topics for the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2’s remake, which is due out next year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. One of those topics covered the attire of the super-spy and love-foil for Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong.

Sankaku Complex pointed out comments made by game director Kazunori Kadoi, where it was explicitly mentioned that Ada has definitely undergone some changes in order to fit in with the new, more “realistic” art-style for Resident Evil 2, which may or may not include her iconic red miniskirt…

“It goes back to the same thing of, what would look natural to be wandering around in a photo-realistic environment in?”


“I think wandering around in that dress just getting on with your job as a spy probably doesn’t look as realistic and believable as we want in this new game.


“Exactly what we’ve done with her design is something we’re tight-lipped on, but it’s safe to say we won’t betray your expectations.”

So what does “betray your expectations” mean? Some gamers instantly began to fear that this might mean we’ll be seeing the same sort of censorship applied to games like Dead or Alive 6, where the jiggle was greatly reduced, and the girls are more covered up to meet “world trends”.

Others hoped that maybe Capcom would go in the opposite direction, and make Ada even sexier than her older incarnations from previous games, where she was in the after-five gown, and the thigh-high miniskirt.

Right now we don’t know how she’s going to look. The only images we’ve seen so far are a silhouette of the Asian agent, looking chic in high-heels and a knee-length trench coat; fitted with her stylish over-the-eye bob-cut and oversized glasses.

It’s tough to tell if she’ll be sporting something eye-catching and fetching underneath the raincoat or if she’ll be covered head-to-toe in yet another full-length bodysuit that has plagued the creative ingenuity of so many designers and media properties these days.

All we can do for now is wait for more footage to appear.

(Thanks for the news tip Stealthmasta)


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