Riot Games PAX West Sessions Openly Discriminate With Sexism

Riot Games

Riot Games has a multitude of sessions taking place throughout PAX West in Seattle, Washington. Over on the official League of Legends website there’s a listing for the sessions that ran from 10:00am to 3:00pm during the weekend afternoon. However, the description of the session openly discriminates with sexism.

As noted over on the site, the last entry in the post reads…

“[…] in Room 613 we’re hosting a variety of sessions to support women and non-binary folks who are interested in getting into games professionally. Stop by to learn from and get to know some of the badass women of Riot! Tentative schedule below, but all subject to change—stop by the room Friday-Monday for a daily schedule.”

Note that the first line states that the sessions would only be available to “women” and “non-binary folks”.

In the comment section, some gamers who were eager to appear at the sessions to learn more about game design, designing champions, learning how to be a producer, narrative writing, and establishing careers in production, asked if the room sessions were going to be exclusively for women and non-binary folks and if males would still be welcome? Cosplayer and Riot Games recruiter, Mel Capperino-Garcia, responded by saying…

“The first two events of room 613 will be only open to women and nonbinary folks.(there might be some exceptions. I will try and post on Twitter the sechedule everyday) However, all the activities of the room will be open to all after 3pm, including the “Ask a Rito” time.” [sic]

The post was heavily downvoted, and may not appear in the archive, but it’s still visible on the official website.

Essentially Riot’s new policy moving forward is that it’s okay to openly discriminate when you’re discriminating against men.

Various commenters called out this policy, and noted that sexism in either direction is not good, and excluding people from attending the event based on race or gender is wrong.

A few Social Justice Warriors came in to defend Garcia, claiming that due to men having a “massive advantage” of getting into games and making up “75% of people” in game development that Riot needs to exclude men in order to help women and non-binary folk make it in the gaming industry.

User Dyzzi responded by pointing out that if this were geared in the opposite direction then Riot would be lambasted by the media for being sexist, writing…

“It’s about them banning men, this is blatant sexism. If it were the opposite, and it was a men only room because “women aren’t the target audience, and wouldn’t be interested in it” there would be uproar. I fail to see how this is any different. They are just ostracizing a large portion of the community, simply for a PR stunt.”

This drastic measure by Riot is part of their “diversity and inclusion” initiative that that put into practice after Kotaku did an article highlighting the studio as an alleged culture of sexism against women. Riot decided to employ far Leftist tactics by bringing in a diversity and inclusion officer, and instituting company wide anti-bias training.

Part of their initiative is focusing on women-only and non-binary folk sessions that exclude men from the activities in order to showcase how “Progressive” they are.

(Thanks for the news tip Homer)

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