Risk One’s Neck Aims To Bring Back Side-Scrolling Beat’em Up Action

Royce Games has a new beat’em up game in the works that channels 2D arcade games — like Streets of Rage and Final Fight — in 3D while still rocking a 2D side-scrolling setup. The game in question that has no release date is Risk One’s Neck, which is set to release on PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Royce Games consists of indie devs Lee Yo-han (Producer, Concept Artist, 3D Character Director), Kim Doo-suk (Programmer, Animation Director, Art Director), and Kim Hong-suk (localization). The game had an unsuccessful Kickstarter run back in early August, but contrary to that the in-engine videos seemed well received.

According to the devs, Risk One’s Neck is based on classic-action films as well as retro arcade-style beat’em up games. I think the following trailers really show off the devs love for older media and how they want to bring their childhood memories back.

With that said, you can check out two videos showing game-engine footage of Risk One’s Neck below:

“Feel the excitement again! Risk One’s Neck is an arcade-style beat’em up game in a brand new, thrilling, and powerful way.”

As for Risk One’s Neck story, Brian (dressed in white shirt and blue jeans) completed numerous missions in the special forces. He was labeled as a good soldier but gradually collapsed inside, and retired after suffering from PTSD.

After recovering slowly with his family — which was the only comfort for him — a tragic event hits. Brian loses his family to an organized gang that performed a task that involved his former military unit. From here the rage in him has come to life yet again, where he’ll go to extreme measures to take out this gang.

Sounds like fun? Well, if the Kickstarter didn’t fail the game was planned to release sometime in July of 2019 across PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. However, the devs are quiet now but you can keep up with this game and see what the devs are up to by hitting up riskonesneck.com or the game’s Facebook page.


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