Rumble Roses XX, Zone Of The Enders HD Collection Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One
Rumble Roses XX

In seventh gen there were a number of games made to appeal to gamers of all shapes, sizes, and types, including fan-service games aimed at the wrestling audience. These kind of games aren’t allowed to be made anymore due to SJWs controlling the Western media and AAA publishing houses. Luckily, you can experience some of the beatitude that gamers from the yesteryears were able to indulge in before the Social Justice Warriors came along and claimed everything was sexist, racist, and transphobic, all thanks to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature.

One such game series that really managed to stand out from the herd was Konami’s ultra-sexy all-female wrestling game – complete with boob physics – was Rumble Roses. The series started way back in sixth gen but elevated itself to the next level in seventh gen with Rumble Roses XX. It was like a wrestling version of Dead or Alive.

Heck, check out the gameplay footage below from Azfar90. The intro alone would make Liberals go crazy – a bunch of strippers, tons of chicks in thongs, boob jiggling for days, and even a ninja chick who isn’t wearing anything but a see-through bodysuit.

The gameplay wasn’t the most intuitive, mostly due to the fact that the characters moved around really stiffly and so there’s a constant uneven flow to the match pace, not unlike the WWE 2K games. Then again, it should come as no surprise that the movements are like the WWE 2K games since Yukes developed the Rumble Roses games.

Even still, the wrestling was decent enough to be enjoyable, if not for the match flow at least for all the boobs and butts jiggling everywhere.

Also, as spotted by Game Summary and put on display by Major Nelson, Zone of the Enders HD Collection also made the cut as a backwards compatible title.

You can grab both games right now from the Xbox Store to purchase a digital copy, or if you already own a digital copy you can load both games from your Xbox Live profile to your Xbox One hard drive. If you still have the discs, it’s also possible to install them to the Xbox One’s hard drive.


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