SNK Heroines Reviewer Docks Points For The Game Being Too Sexy
SNK Heroines

Critical Hit managed to post up one of the day-one reviews for SNK Corporation and NIS America’s SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. The review was written by Geoffrey Tim, who offers no quarter in ripping and shredding into the game for being too sexy.

Geoffrey doesn’t waste time getting into the meat of the issues, writing…

“SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is little more than an excuse to parade around sexy, large-breasted anime-styled depictions of women.” […]


[…] “Barely-there attire, giant breasts and exposed pubis mons are on show, with their captor playing the creepy pervert angle; there are cameras around the mansion that regularly zoom in on the fighters’ massive mammaries.”

The protruding mounds of bouncing flesh pockets, barely contained within string cloth and lace supports seems to have furrowed the brow of Geoffrey and rustled the whiskers on his lip carpet, all while causing what one can only imagine as a profuse drainage of sweat to pour from his forehead; the thought of such unrestrained jiggling and sinfully bare flesh could very well prompt him to grit his teeth in near uncontrollable anguish.

Just a few paragraphs in, Geoffrey, almost in exasperation like some forlorn father desperately trying to cover up his bikini-clad teenage ingenue with a beach blanket from the prying eyes of young men passing by, writes…

“Fan-wielding favourite Mai has always been sexualised, but here it’s even worse. For some reason she’s wearing the tiniest of bikinis, adorned with a cow-print pattern – and she has a cowbell around her neck. Even SNK staple Terry Bogard isn’t spared this humiliation. He’s been transformed into a busty woman, wearing the shortest shorts; her trademark red cap now emblazoned with “Fatal Cutie” instead of Fatal Fury. I’m not a prude out on some moral crusade, but this is trashy exploitative nonsense. The whole thing feels like some teenage boy’s masturbatory fan-fiction fantasy.”

Now the entire review isn’t all about the sexy-time and fan-service. Geoffrey does point out that the fighting game underneath the waifu-bait doesn’t carry much depth, and that the fighting is pretty shallow given the lack of crouching attacks, the lack of footsies, and the one-button specials.

Geoffrey also takes shots at the game’s lack of content, calling it “anemic”, and notes that the only replay value is contained within unlocking new clothing items for the girls.

He rounds out the piece by going back to the fan-service debate, and criticizing the “overt” sexualization of the females, writing…

“There may or may not be people questioning the game’s overt sexualising of women with obvious comparisons to Dead or Alive’s Xtreme spinoffs. There may also be people who’ll buy this game to get their anime tiddies to own the libs – and that’s fine.


“They’re welcome to waste their money.”

In the summary and final score the reviewer gives the game a 3.5 out of 10, one of the lowest scores available. According to Geoffrey the game deserves to be criticized for daring to have very sexy babes standing front and center at the gameplay, and despite no men being present (which should make third-wave feminists rave with joy), Geoffrey counts this as a negative given that the curvaceous courtesans aren’t fitted with burkas, writing…

“SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy might rightly draw ire for its overt, unnecessary sexualisation of fighting games’ femme fatales, but its problems extend further than social problems. It’s anaemic in content and the fighting itself lacks any real depth.”

Some of the other reviewers out there haven’t quite dogged the game as badly as Critical Hit when it comes to the fan-service, but the days are still early and a few other notable sites have yet to turn in their reviews.

Most people who were looking for to the game shouldn’t be surprised at a review like this — and likely more to come, plus editorials decrying the game’s sexiness — because we saw the same thing take place with Koei Tecmo’s Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, and that game didn’t even release in America.

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is currently available right now for PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

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