Soul Calibur VI Trailers Reveal Cervantes And Various Game Modes

Soul Calibur fans who’ve been keeping up with VI will know that Cervantes has been leaked alongside Raphael. Well, Bandai Namco has finally released a proper trailer for the former fighter (Cervantes) and an overview game mode trailer, too. Soul Calibur VI is set to release on October 19th, 2018, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

That’s right, the father of Ivy and sometimes referred to as Cervantes de León, “The Immortal Pirate,” and “The Dread Pirate” by other characters has returned as a playable fighter.

Cervantes made his first appearance as the main antagonist of Soul Edge, and will still make it into the stage of history as his soul burns in Soul Calibur VI.

The shell of a proud man, Cervantes, flexes his command of weapons, which happens to be that of Acheron and Nirvana in the latest character reveal trailer as seen below:

“Taste my power!” Cervantes, the Shell of a Proud Man, returns in SOULCALIBUR VI! Watch this BRAND NEW trailer to see his expert command of his weapons, Acheron & Nirvana.”

Cervantes has a lot of tricky moves that will definitely benefit the quick. His pistol-like weapons built into the hilt of his swords will definitely throw off opponents when you’re in sticky situations.

Furthermore, Bandai Namco wanted to supplement fans and gamers with a new game mode overview trailer that touches on modes that will be in Soul Calibur VI. We can see game modes like Arcade, Story, Training, Creation, Libra of Soul and more. You can check out the new overview trailer here thanks to 876TV:

I’m sure more Soul Calibur VI information will pop up regarding characters, stages, game modes and more in the near future. With that said, there is still one more game mode that has yet to be revealed over on the game’s Japanese website.

In the meantime, Soul Calibur VI is set to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One this October.


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