Square Enix’s Visual Works Is Looking For Interested Devs In Their New Project

You think you have what it takes to help Square Enix’s Visual Works studio? If so, the team is currently looking for interested people or studios to help out and bring concepts to life. Visual Works has published a new video titled “Character Prototype,” which reveals the team’s interest in creators of “New Entertainment Content.”

Firstly, the official website reads that if you’d like to join the team, you’ll need to contact Visual Works to create “New Entertainment Content.”

In addition to the above, there are no restrictions on content format regarding games, cinematics, or merchandise — anything is acceptable. The website also outlines that there is no “need to adopt the story” or “feel of the Prototype movie” as seen below. Participants are free to create any “character,” “story” and “background.”

You can learn more about this program by heading over to form3.square-enix.com, or you can watch the newly posted video trailer here:

Square Enix and Visual Works noted that this is not a promotional contest nor recruitment for either of the two. The purpose of the video, according to Square Enix, is to “foster the creation of new content based on this character design and solely for commercial use.”

With that said, I bet you’re thinking “who is Visual Works?” Well, you can look over their cinematic movies from the old days to 2016 right here (or 2018 if you count the above video). The following video by Visual Works is a collaboration project with SQUARE ENIX CAFÉ shown in Akihabara, Tokyo:

“This is a movie VISUALWORKS produced for the collaboration with SQUARE ENIX CAFÉ in Akihabara, Tokyo. This was an exclusive release for the event. Please enjoy many characters VISUALWORKS animated! We hope all of you will enjoy our historical cinematic movies from our old days to 2016.”

More information on the two and this project can be found over on visualworks.jp.square-enix.com.


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