Sugar Glide AWAY on Episode One of Breaking Wall’s Nature Doc Game

The sugar glider is a sort of nocturnal flying squirrel with an affinity for the sweetest of sap and nectar; I didn’t know that until this morning, so it turns out AWAY is already doing its part as nature documentary.

And it seems to have procured the right narrator for the job too. For a game that aligns itself to the post-apocalyptic survival genre, acknowledging that the beauty of mankind/nature is fleeting, it does look immensely beautiful.

We have here the first episode of what is to be an episodic series of animal-based adventure games, letting players explore a decaying planet from the perspective of its wildlife. The gliding possum I mentioned earlier is the star of this one, meaning you’ll be jumping, gliding, climbing and more through Breaking Walls’ largely photorealistic vistas.

Indeed there are other inhabitants to be encountered, some of these less than domestic, that you’ll be allowed to engage by means of hunting mechanics. The vast majority of the time will be spent in exploring the land however, from discovering hidden artifacts in the vein of say – the carcasses of pre-historic/historic beasts, to evading forest fire-like natural hazards.

AWAY's marshy forest

Sneak peek at AWAY's marshy forest… 🌳👀

Posted by AWAY: The Survival Series on Saturday, May 5, 2018

Other niceties include an instinct mode that boosts awareness of predators/prey in the vicinity, VR support for the HTC Vive with a more first person-esque view, and an original music composer by the name of Mike Raznick that has names like Mad Max, Resident Evil, Call of Duty and Planet Earth II on his portfolio.

The past couple of years of game development has been largely community oriented, attested by various prototypes Breaking Walls has put out across its website in the intervening time. The only pitfall I’ve noticed in loosely following progress is in the animations of the possum itself, which don’t quite align themselves to the rest of the world in terms of finesse.

View from above

Top-down view of the world we're building… 🌎

Posted by AWAY: The Survival Series on Saturday, April 7, 2018

That said AWAY’s Reddit community seems to be discussing this with its developers, who are also taking suggestions for the starring animals of future episodes. Coming soon to Steam.


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