Super Seducer 2 Teaches You How To Seduce Supermodels, Strippers, And Secretaries
Super Seducer 2

RLR Training’s Super Seducer 2 is currently available right now for download over on the Steam store for $12.99. The game is discounted during the initial first-week release by 24% off, so you ca get it for only $9.87.

The game also launched with six pieces of DLC, including the official soundtrack, a documentary covering the dark side of seduction, three bonus videos on how to get a girlfriend guaranteed, creating abundance, and meeting the right women, as well as a book called Soulmate Sequence, which goes through a guide on how to develop the social confidence in order to find the right person that the universe is trying to hook you up with, so that you can protect your heritage and secure a future for your children.

The base game of Super Seducer 2 walks players through a series of different outcomes and scenarios based around trying to pick up lovely ladies while out clubbing, while paying for a few drinks at the strip club, or while scoping out the hot bottom of a secretary in a tight dress.

Super Seducer 2 - Checking Out Dat Ass


The main goal of the game is to get your wiener in a woman without getting Weinsteined.

It’s not as easy as it sounds and in today’s #MeToo era, there are plenty of unhinged people out there just waiting to take advantage of your good will and fond gestures in order to destroy your livelihood and splay your credibility all across the arbitrary courtroom of public opinion through social media.

RLR Training will attempt to help you navigate today’s caustic dating scene with some lissome lingo to keep your libido in check and prevent you allowing your licentious lips to end up in #MeToo jail.

Super Seducer 2 will also help you with scoring supermodels, and even teach Asian men how to pick up white women, as demonstrated in the video below from Geek Remix.

Well it sounded like someone was a little annoyed about the race realism regarding Asian men.

Anyway, there are also some traditional dating tips, such as how older dudes can pick up some posh poontang pie, as well as the rules and tips for engaging in one night stands that won’t leave you burned in more than one place, and navigating dating apps like Tinder.

You can check out Super Seducer 2 right now over on the Steam store page, where it’s currently available for digital purchase. It could have been on the PlayStation 4, but Sony cucked out after feminists complained about the original Super Seducer and banned it from releasing on their platform. I guess PlayStation gamers will have to settle with being forever alone.

All hail the PC Master Dating Race.


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