The Predator’s Final Trailer Has Terrible Music And Plenty Of Gore
The Predator 2018

The final trailer for 20th Century Fox and Shane Black’s The Predator has finally dropped. It arrives ahead of the September 14th, 2018 theatrical release. The trailer features some awful rap music, which is all the rave these days, as well as a more streamlined depiction of the story, which still seems to come across as an absolute mess.

So the trailer starts with the secret ops group coming to the house to retrieve a soldier who had been in a battle with a Predator and lost all his men. He managed to escape alive. During the transportation process the bus – filled with other screw-ups – gets involved with the conflict between two Predators.

One of the Predators is a normal sized Predator while the other is the Behemoth Predator. Based on previous trailers I get the impression that they’re going to make the normal sized Predator get killed off in a super gay way, so that the humans can then defeat the Behemoth Predator in an even gayer way. But anyway, you can check out the trailer below to see it for yourself.

I don’t know if the gore really helps here… no scratch that, the gore doesn’t help here.

The problem is that a lot of the gore in the trailer appears to be cartoony. It reminds me more of Mortal Kombat than Predator.

Remember in the first two films when people lost their limbs? When guys got decapitated? When soldiers had their chests exploded open? That stuff looked legitimate thanks to the power of practical effects.

For The Predator the gore effects look particularly digital, and the digital effects really diminish the predication of enjoyment through the suspension of disbelief.

The Predator - Predator Dog

Anyway, it looks like most of everyone gets killed off save for the main character guy. I also can’t even seem to get a bearing on the core plot of the film or what makes worthwhile. It just seems so… creatively acarpous.

Anyway, the final trailer is actually one of the worst trailers for the film. I think the second trailer was the best trailer, as it at least seemed to take itself seriously and attempt to setup some intrigue. But right now I’m getting a lot of Alien: Covenant vibes from this project and that doesn’t sit well with me at all. Hopefully I’m proven wrong.


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