Tomboys Need Love Too! 18+ Patch Is Now Live On Steam
Tomboys Need Love Too!

Zetsubou announced that you’ll no longer have to visit their official website to download the R18+ patch to unlock the uncensored CG gallery for Tomboys Need Love Too!. The visual novel about a guy with a fetish for tomboys has received an official patch that makes it uncensored on Steam following Valve’s enabling of the adult content filters.

The post went up on September 11th , 2018 over on the Steam community thread, where the developer officially announced that the patch would be live for anyone who owned the Steam version of Tomboys Need Love Too!.

The patch is free and available as a DLC add-on for the game from the Steam menu, as explained by the developers…

“With Valve having implemented opt-in viewing of adult content on Steam, it is now possible to get the uncensored version of Tomboys Need Love Too without downloading an external patch from my website.


“If you’ve opted in to view adult content on Steam through your account settings, you’ll now see a new DLC for Tomboys Need Love Too: the 18+ content patch. This will download automatically, and provide you with the same experience you would have gotten when downloading and applying the patch manually.”

You will need to adjust the adult filters in your user profile settings, otherwise you won’t be able to see the adult content or even access it from the Steam store. This is designed that way so pesky people from NCOSE or those SJWs who don’t play video games won’t even be able to reach the store pages for adults only games without first having to register with Steam and then setup the adult filters on their account. Given that neither the NCOSE members nor SJWs actually play video games, it should safeguard most of the content from their prying eyes.

This means you can enjoy games like Tomboys Need Love Too! without worrying about it being taken down from Steam. You can see what the romance visual novel is like with the walkthrough playlist below from user ErduanShadowHD.

The only downside to the new filters is that it literally filters out all adults only content from the Steam store if you’re not logged in. The filters are on by default, so for as far as most consumers are concerned, these sexy-time games don’t exist. Why is this a downside? Because it means that you will have to go through some extra steps just to see them in the first place, and so there could be a loss of sales from the lack of organic discovery.

Anyway, if you were interested in a romance VN centered around hot tomboys getting plucked, you can check out Tomboys Need Love Too! over on the Steam store in all its uncensored glory for $9.99.

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