Twitch Embraces SJW Agenda, Appoints New Head Of Diversity And Inclusion

If you thought all the other decisions that Twitch has made in the past was fairly suspect, authoritarian and embroiled in Leftist politics, well the latest move seals the deal: Twitch has appointed Katrina Jones as its first head of diversity and inclusion division.

Jones was previously a diversity officer at Vimeo and spent the last decade working in human resources, according to an article on Gamasutra.

Jones spent her time focusing on “diversity” and “inclusion”, which always means the exclusion of straight, white males, something that Riot Games got called out on when they started their own diversity and inclusion division and then proceeded to violate state laws by discriminating against men at a public event. This all spawned after Riot Games was called out for sexism against female employees, they decided to respond to the allegations by going in the complete opposite direction, even to the point of excluding their mostly male playerbase in order to appease Social Justice Warriors.

The article also states that Twitch has hired in a new chief financial officer, Michelle Weaver, along with a new human resource officer, Sudarshana Rangachary.

Many of these new hires come from the human resource department, where Twitch is likely to move even further Left than they already are.

For those of you unfamiliar with the company’s antics, previously they instituted policies similar to Blizzard Entertainment, where they began banning Overwatch users for off-site behavior. Twitch also adopted a similar policy, where they too began banning users for off-site behavior, as well as banning games like Yandere Simulator for “underage violence” and “sexual harassment”.

Twich has also been establishing grants for female streamers in order to bring more females to the platform.

Don’t be surprised if more straight white male streamers start getting banned for innocuous reasons.

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