Unity CEO John Riccitiello Says VR And AR Headsets Aren’t A Consumer Smash Yet

You know John Riccitiello, right? That guy who once was the CEO of Electronic Arts until Andrew Wilson succeeded him as said position five years ago? Well, Riccitiello has moved on to become the CEO of Unity Technologies (or Unity), and now believes that VR and AR hardware and sets aren’t right for consumers.

For a little perspective, when Riccitiello was with EA as the CEO and board member, he was credited with “diversifying” the company’s business model, leading the company’s shift from consumer packaged goods into the digital delivery of content via console, PC, tablet and mobile devices.

He’s also the one to help the company drive digital sales via microtransactions, mobile, social, and advertising to $1.6 billion during the fiscal year 2013. And he’s also the guy who helped lead EA and crew to create two $1 billion dollar brands known as FIFA and Battlefield.

Now Riccitiello is the CEO of Unity Technologies, and thanks to gamesindustry.biz we learn that while he was at Techcrunch Disrupt this week, he touched on the state of VR and AR sets and who they’re really aimed at right now.

Riccitiello started off with pricing, functionality, and interaction:

“They’re not cheap enough. They don’t work well enough, you don’t have enough good control systems, you can’t see your arms and your legs in most of them and use them in an interactive way, there’s not a lot of content.”

Continuing on, he also touched on who these sets are catered toward as of this moment:

“AR and VR is mostly to this day been launched to developers. I mean, name the content. It’s not there yet.”

The publication site noted Riccitiello saying that the main audience for current VR hardware is the “enterprise market” and that none of the available headsets amounts to a “consumer launch” for VR.

Moreover, back in 2016, Riccitiello predicted a “gap of disappointment” for the VR and AR industry, in which headset sales wouldn’t match up to the expectations of analysts and the market. However, he did conclude by saying that:

“AR and VR is not yet a consumer smash, although it’s rising and it will ultimately get there.”

With all of that said, what do you think of VR and AR devices? Do you think they’ll rise to success as Riccitiello has stated or do you think they’ll disappoint in the future once more?


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