Victory At Sea Pacific Cheats Grant Unlimited Bombs, Health And Super Speed

Victory at Sea Pacific is the latest single-player World War  2 PC game that puts you at the front of ship warfare, and with its arrival comes that of the inevitable: cheat trainers. If you want the tides of war in your favor, you’ll find that cheats granting unlimited health, bombs, and super speed are now up for download.

Looking to sweep the seas of the Pacific and engage in naval warfare in an RTS setup? If you answered yes but fear that you won’t fair well against sailing adversaries, do know PC cheat trainers are now up.

The World War 2 game brings “epic real-time strategy” battles in an open world sandbox. However, you can mix things up with the following cheats:

  • Infinite Ship Health
  • Infinite Ship Fuel
  • Unlimited Rations
  • Unlimited Bombs
  • Unlimited Torpedo Bombs
  • Unlimited Depth Bombs
  • Super Speed

You can download these cheats by heading on over to However, you will need to be a premium member over on that site to gain access to all of the above trainers.

As for gameplay mechanics, Victory at Sea Pacific brings together a large number of ships from landing crafts of various types, to multiple flights of aircraft and ships to bombard the enemy positions in an attempt to capture key objectives from the enemy at sea.

The RTS game also sports over 100 ship classes (and counting), representing thousands of vessels, and dozens of types of aircraft and ports.

You can also train your different crews in and out of combat, set up drills and rest periods as well as managing rations and monitoring their morale to help ensure victory. But with these trainers, you shouldn’t have to worry about any of these things thwarting your masterplan.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that you should keep up with these cheats each time the devs update Victory at Sea Pacific otherwise the ones you’re using could become obsolete on the next patch.


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