Weekly Recap Sept 15th: EA Censors “White Man”, DICE Toning Down Battlefield V
Weekly Recap

If you were hoping the culture war would in some way shift away from the crazies controlling the narrative on the Left, your hope is still painted on a canvas that will forever stay under a tarp of Communist oppression. What am I talking about? I’m talking about EA taking steps to ensure that gamers can’t even make nicknames or user IDs that include “white man”. However, it’s completely possible to make user IDs with “Asian man” or “black man”.

DICE tried to alleviate some of the pressure on the studio and facing the certain sales demise of Battlefield V by proclaiming that they will be toning down the game’s customization so it won’t be so wacky. This will likely only make the SJWs angry and it certainly won’t bring back the anti-SJWs. But any tiny victory attainted by the anti side is always sidelined by more companies selling out their soul for the victim bucks narrative. This time it was Twitch.tv, who completed their transformation into a full blown SJW hivemind after opening up a Diversity & Inclusion division headed up by a bunch of veterans from human resources.

These stories and more in this September 15th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

EA Prohibits Users From Using “White Man” As A Username

Electronic Arts is taking their downfall a few steps further, this time by prohibiting users from having “white male” or “white man” as a username. Yes, the racism against whites has extended into banning users from even using a certain user ID for Origin. Warner Bros, DC, and HBO have rolled out a diversity and inclusion policy, where they’ll be excluding whites from the hiring process to focus on hiring in POCs. A modder for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 who has done a lot to improve and upgrade the game has been permanently banned for modifying the game due to an anti-cheat system EA and DICE have in place. Bethesda’s current roadmap for new games for this generation and next generation has been outlined by Bethesda’s VP of marketing, Pete Hines.


DICE Walks Back Battlefield V’s Ridiculousness

After realizing that a majority of gamers don’t want to play black samurai cosplayers pretending to be Nords and British gingers with bionic arms saving the day on the frontlines of war, DICE decided to finally walk back their ridiculousness in Battlefield V, promising to make the game slightly more historical accurate, but most gamers have already resigned to inform them that they got woke and will now go broke because Battlefield V is not their Battlefield. Matt’s review for Strange Brigade has finally gone up, and he gives it a “Buy It!” rating, telling gamers that it’s well worth the price of entry. An indie developer is currently looking to maximize the use of a new path-tracing rendering technique called lightspectering to improve how real-time light rendering is handled with most of the offloading taking place on the CPU side instead of with the GPU. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night developer Koji Igarashi has pointed out that single-player games aren’t going anywhere and offers aspiring developers and established studios some friendly advice on how to improve the content of their game. And the new She-Ra trailer has dropped, giving fans of the original an aneurysm while also managing to turn off plenty of women who don’t like the fact that She-Ra looks like a pubescent boy.


Ubisoft Admits To Abandoning Historical Accuracy

Betheseda isn’t done raping the corpse of B.J., and following the release of the upcoming woke-rendition of the shooter known as Wolfenstein: Youngblood, there will be a Wolfenstein III. The developer of The Messenger decided to kowtow to the SJW horde, removing a joke from the game after SJW journalists complained about the line in the game. Focus Home Interactive’s Insurgency: Sandstorm isn’t launching in September as intended, but has been delayed into December. While Sony is giving up on sexy-time games, Nintendo is embracing them with titles like Omega Labyrinth Life. And Ubisoft is now going full blown Leftist, stating that they’re not even going to be hiding behind any sort of traces of historical accuracy for the Assassin’s Creed games, meaning that they’re going to be little more than vehicles for full-blown propaganda.


Twitch Opens A Diversity And Inclusion Department

If you thought there was hope for saving Twitch, you should have thrown that hope in the trash can because from here on out because the atmosphere at Twitch is going to take on a lugubrious tone now that their new diversity and inclusion department is getting underway. Basically a bunch of female POCs were brought in change Twitch’s ecosystem, and we all know what that means for straight, white males. After sucking up to the SJWs about their gender neutral bathrooms, Boss Key Productions ended up biting the dust and now, several months later, Lawbreakers is officially closing up shop. After receiving a ton of backlash for how they handled the development of The Culling, Xaviant Games decided to make The Culling: Origins free-to-play as a form of compensation. And Nintendo announced that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is headed to the Nintendo Switch at some point in 2019.


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