Weekly Recap Sept 1st: Google Shadow Bans, Cyberpunk 2077, Arkane Studio’s Culture Clash
Weekly Recap

The final week of August, 2018 came to a close in a rather dystopian way. Google’s new initiative to shadow ban websites from the Google News section is a scary thing for how the Alphabet company is now looking to control what sort of news you’re allowed to see, even from GNews-approved websites. The shadow banning of websites involves allowing the content to be indexed into GNews, but the general public will never see it.

In other dystopian-related news… the future of Arkane Studios isn’t looking good. The studio seems to be slowly succumbing to the ideological virus known as SJWism, and some of the staff spoke up about it before it’s too late, even though the company’s projects have basically been put on ice. And CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 finally had its demo displayed to the general public, but it wasn’t all roses and sunshine like people expected, and it’s a lot more Leftist-oriented than some gamers would have liked. These stories and more in this September 1st, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Cyberpunk 2077 Courts Gender-Fluidity

CD Projekt Red decided to bite the sandwich of Social Justice and accommodate the mental illness of game journalists. This was made apparent in an interview with Eurogamer where they courted adding in gender-gluid options into Cyberpunk 2077. In more negative Crunchyroll news, the moderators decided to shut down the forums for High Guardian Spice, citing that the thread had become too political. Not to cause panic, but if Namco doesn’t pull through with SoulCalibur VI and it doesn’t sell well, the franchise could be put on ice for a while. In other fighting game news, Dead or Alive 6‘s unnatural movements and animations were due to the game engine not being up to par. The developer for the indie game Tardigrades is suing CBS for plagiarism within Star Trek: Discovery.

Arkane Studios SJW Vs Anti-SJW Culture Clash

It appears as if the corporate culture of Arkane Studios is coming to a head, as Zenimax wants to make money on multiplayer games, while some of the studio hires continue to drag the creative efforts of Arkane into the dirt. The ideological culture clash is really hurting Arkane, according to those working at the studio. Shin Megami Tensei V is still coming along in development, but it’s a ways off from releasing on the Nintendo Switch. ComicBook.com decided to falsely proclaim that majority of anime fans supported Crunchyroll and Ellation Studios’ High Guardian Spice. And a DC artist going by the name of Robbie Rodriguez decided to broadcast his anus to the world in a bid to get back at the #ComicsGate supporters.

Google Employs Shadow Ban On Google News Sites

Reddit and Twitter have been using shadow bans for a long time, basically making it where users are posting content but no one else can see it. Well, Google has begun employing that tactic as well, shadow banning entire websites from appearing on Google News. After all the hype and build-up, the open-world survival title, SCUM, has finally entered into Early Access on Steam. Dead or Alive 6 producer Yohei Shimbori has stated that Team Ninja took things too far with Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, and they will be scaling back the fan service in Dead or Alive 6. And Riot Games will be opening up a diversity and inclusion division along with instituting anti-bias training at their studios.

Battlefield V Has Been Delayed To November

One of the most controversial first-person shooter games coming out has been delayed from releasing in October. Yes, EA and DICE decided to push Battlefield V back to November, because it wasn’t going to do anything but bleed all over EA’s financials releasing between Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 like an overused tampon. And speaking of used tampons… the Kickstarter for Chuck Tingle and Zoe Quinn’s game has come under fire from backers after several months of no updates. Backers asked where the $85,000 went and according to Quinn… it’s all used up. YouTube has a new premium show in the works called It’s A Man’s World, featuring a female gaming exec who gets fired and then has to transform into a man in order to experience the privileges of being a white male in the gaming industry. And speaking of women in gaming… one CEO wants to target more female gamers in the mobile space by making more casino games.

Devolver Digital Kowtows To SJWs, Apologizes For Nazi Symbols In Scum

Gamepires’ Scum is a hardcore survival simulator about hardened criminals on an island surviving against zombies, animals, and each other. Quite naturally you would expect some of these hardened criminals to be Nazi scum, right? Well, Devolver Digital kowtowed to SJWs who complained about the Nazi tattoos in the game, so they forced the developer to remove the tattoos and apologize. The Xbox Games With Gold for September have been so bad that even the most die-hard of Xbox fanboys couldn’t support the line-up, complaining about it ceaselessly over on the YouTube channel after Major Nelson disabled the comments on his website. In response to Valve banning Gay Nation the developers, Dank Boi Games, decided to give the game away for free as a way to start a conversation about censorship. PEGI will be introducing labels for retail boxes that indicates to buyers if a game has microtransactions or not. The release date for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes has been set for January 18th, 2019 on the Nintendo Switch. And Brown University came under fire for pulling a press release supporting a study that stated that a lot of gender dysphoria teenagers are turning out that way because it’s a transtrendy-thing to do and because of peer pressure from social media.


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