Weekly Recap Sept 8th: The Witcher Gets Woke, Riot Games Fires Dev, Twitter Bans Infowars
Weekly Recap

This week was another one of those weeks where so much of the brown-tinted river just flowed over the barrier and into the suburbs and splattered the streets, the ground, and the houses with the diarrhea of Social Justice. Everywhere you looked there’s either some hint of the diversity agenda, or some Leftist identitarianism popping up, or the SJW agitprop taking over your favorite property.

In this case, The Witcher show on Netflix almost seemed to show promise when Henry Cavill from Man of Steel was cast to play as Geralt of Rivia. However, that small victory was quickly made null when it was revealed that Ciri will be black, Asian, or an ethnic minority… but she won’t be white. To make matters worse is that the showrunner has been virtue-signaling on Twitter non-stop to the point where a lot of people fear that the show is completely doomed right from the start.

On the upside of this week’s news, Riot Games did fire one of the developers who supported their discrimination practices. But then on the downside of this week’s news, Twitter permanently banned Infowars. Once again, it was two steps forward and 10 steps back. These stories and more in this September 8th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Riot Games Gets Caught Discriminated Against Men

Riot Games ended up in a bad conundrum where they were out and out discriminating against men and preventing them from participating in a PAX West development session. The company doubled-down, calling anyone who called out their unlawful behavior as “toxic”. The Reddit administrators even went so far as to censor the display of the Slack chat messages where Riot Games employees were in open support of discrimination and sexism against men. IGN gets called out by JRPG fans for docking points on a review of Dragon Quest XI‘s fan-service. If you felt something was off with the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo, here’s a list of everything that was wrong with the demo. And China will be further regulating the gaming industry, which has caused companies like Perfect World Entertainment and Tencent to take massive losses in stock.


The Witcher Netflix Series Gets Woke

The writing staff for the Netflix series of The Witcher decided to use their social media platform to get woke and dabble their medulla amygdala in the immigration discussion, much to the chagrin of fans of The Witcher. The administrators of Reddit were caught red-handed censoring a post for Riot Games that exposed the employees for supporting illegal discrimination practices. IGN ended up getting blasted by JRPG fans for their “icky” review of Dragon Quest XI, which knocked off points for some sexy fan-service. And here’s a list of everything that’s wrong with the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo.


Valve Finally Clarifies Adult Content Filters

Valve finally clarified that they will be banning games that are trolling if they attempt to sow discord. The company also clarified that there will be three adult filters for mature content and new descriptors for the kind of mature content featured in the game. Ada Wong in Resident Evil 2 may not turn out the way some gamers expect, as Capcom is looking to make her more “realistic”. The DRM in Sega’s Two Point Hospital has been removed, so if you were thinking about picking up a copy but avoided it because of Denuvo, well now you have a reason to pick it up. After Valve pulled the plug on Maidens of Michael without any explanation, GOG.com picked up the game and now allows you to get your hands on the VN along with the R18+ uncensored patch. And some actual gameplay is expected to be on display at the Tokyo Game Show this year for Death Stranding.


Alex Jones Permanently Banned From Twitter

Twitter has finally gone the route of Facebook, YouTube, Apple and Spotify and has permanently banned Alex Jones and Infowars from the platform. This comes shortly after a Congressional hearing where Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey attempted to defend that the social media service is not trying to sway elections and shape political biases through the platform. Battlefield V bans words in chat like “DLC” and DICE also opted to remove the ability to mute players and instead added a profanity filter, much to the dismay of most gamers over the age of 18. And in acquisitions news… THQ acquired 38 Studios’ Kingdoms of Amalur intellectual property, while Pearl Abyss announced that they acquired EVE Online developers CCP Games.


Riot Games Fires Daniel Klein For Supporting Riot’s Discrimination Policies

The pale girl with the white hair and the green eyes? Well, that Ciri will no longer exist as a beautiful white girl. Instead, she will be played by a minority of an ethnic nature, according to the casting call. Yohei Shimbori, the producer and director of Dead or Alive 6, continues to dig the hole deeper, claiming that they had to tone down the features of the women that caused them trouble in the past. The DOOM movie due out in 2019 has several new set photos made available, and it showcases how “diverse” the cast is, which basically means very few straight, white males. Yakuza 3’s remastered edition has launched in Japan, and it turns out it’s been censored quite a bit from the original 2009 release, which includes the removal of a cross-dresser, and the removal of the Japanese Imperial flag. Reviewers are already taking aim at SNK Heroines, docking points because it’s too sexy. And Riot Games fired Daniel Klein after he used his Twitter account to support Riot’s discrimination policies against men.

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