What Tech Does A Professional Gamer Need?

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In the past, being a professional gamer was simply an unrealistic dream teenagers had. Nowadays, professional gaming is a thing, a true career that is well-paid and that can be highly rewarding. As you can see on www.esports.net, e-sports is now enjoying an increasingly growing popularity. Thousands of younger adults are now making salaries that reach six-figures. Then, we also have streaming income, which can be even higher.

Obviously, in order to be a pro gamer you need to work really hard. Also, you want to invest in technology. Here is exactly what you need.

Gaming PC

Since you want to be a pro gamer, there is a pretty good chance you already own a gaming PC. If not, you should know that prices are going to range from around $750 to over $2,000. You can save some money if you opt for the DIY option as opposed to the pre-built desktop gaming PC. This can help you save thousands of dollars.


In professional gaming, headsets are used for numerous things. They help you to figure out from where an enemy is coming and you can talk with the team about the strategy you use. You can think about many different things as you look for a headset but remember that you need one that is really comfortable. Also, low-quality sound is going to reduce your gaming capabilities. You want to buy headsets that do not have feedback and that will fit well.

Wired Controller

The chosen controller automatically dictates what pro gamer type you will become. As an example, there are gaming conventions that have specific controller rules. Wireless controllers are usually not accepted. Wired controllers are better though since they are more comfortable when holding and lighter. Be sure that the USB cable is long and that you have vibration feedback. Also, if you are interested in being a PC gamer, you need to buy a very good gaming mechanical keyboard.

LED Monitor

If you are serious about gaming, you need to look at a true crystal clear image of what is happening in the game. There are LED monitors that are specifically designed for gaming, which is exactly what you need. These monitors have very low input tag.

Fiber-Optic Broadband Internet Connection

If your internet connection is bad, you simply cannot be a pro gamer. Lag will appear and all your abilities will be lowered. You need to invest in fiber-optic internet connections since unlike the ADSL broadband, cables used are made out of plastic or glass. This conducts data much faster. At the same time, fiber-optic cables are located underground so harsh weather conditions will not be a problem. As you have very fast internet, you can also stream as you play.

Professional Webcam And Microphone

This is particularly important if you want to stream but it is also a good idea as it allows you to record games and show fans and viewers what you are doing. So many pro gamers depend on the webcam to actually make money. Always choose a really good one and never neglect the quality of the microphone. Fortunately, most gaming headsets have very good microphones included.


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