Wolf Tails Adult DLC Patch Now Free On Steam
Wolf Tails Adult Patch

The Steam version of Wolf Tails recently received a free 18+ adult patch to go along with the game so that those of you who don’t want to bother downloading the 18+ uncensored patch from off-site, can do it while on-site. Yes, if you already have a Steam copy of Wolf Tails, you can now download the free adult patch right now.

The patch is available as a free DLC that you can grab from the Steam store page.

You’ll need to be signed in order to gain access to the patch. Once you are signed in and have enabled your account to see adult content, you’ll be notified that the adult patch requires the full version of Wolf Tails and also comes chock full of uncensored naughty bits…

“Contains explicit uncensored sex scenes, as well as frequent nudity.

“This DLC is only for those who are of legal age and wish to see such content.”

According to a post over on the Steam community thread, developer Razzart Visual noted that after the uncertain future facing sexy-time games and the possible impending doom that was the foreboding waifu holocaust, things have finally settled now that the adult filters are in place and Razzart noted that if you already have the game installed on your hard drive and your adult filters are enabled to see the content, the update should take place automatically, enabling you to see everything that the SJWs didn’t want you to see.

Wolf Tails 18 Plus Patch

There was a time earlier this year where it seemed like things were going to go south for those who enjoyed sexy-time visual novels and hot anime girls. The internal struggle at Valve between the SJWs and anti-SJWs finally reached a climatic peak where the company decided that a compromise in the form of adult filters was the best course of action, and it was received from gamers as a palmary result but was jeered by SJWs because they wanted Valve to completely remove games that appealed to straight, white men.

Nevertheless, we’ve seen that since the filters have been implemented various developers have opened the floodgates for all manner of lascivious content on Steam.

You can take part in this nouveau movement featuring the wanton waifus of Wolf Tails by picking up a digital copy of the game from the Steam store for only $9.99.


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