WWE 2K19 Trailer Unveils Daniel Bryan Showcase Mode
WWE 2K19

2K Games makes some odd decisions when it comes to their WWE 2K titles. One would think that they would focus on the WWE Showcase mode for the recipient of having the honor to grace the cover of that year’s outing, but that’s not really how the logic works there. For this year’s WWE Showcase mode it focuses on the “American Dragon” Daniel Bryan.

What’s odd is that AJ Styles is the one on the cover but Daniel Bryan is the one who will get the showcase in WWE 2K19. 2K Games recently released a minute long trailer highlighting some of Daniel Bryan’s ups and downs in his career leading to his triumphant win at Wrestlemania.

I can definitely see the appeal in pulling the trigger on making Bryan’s Showcase now rather than later because – not to be too morbid – first of all he’s still alive. Second, he’s made a successful comeback (so far). Third, there’s actually a really good redemption story to be told through Bryan’s Showcase.

I know some of you are probably thinking “Why not wait until Bryan headlines another Wrestlemania?” Well, what if that day never comes? They already have two climatic Wrestlemania moments to include in the mode, so I don’t see why waiting for a third is necessary.

WWE 2K19 Showcase - image-2018-08-04-03-48-18

Additionally, Bryan is active on the roster right now, so wrestling fans who want to play through his tale can do so while he’s still entertaining fans in real life. It all loses its flavor after he’s permanently retired or on injury leave.

Still, there’s a part of me that feels as if the cover athlete is the one who should have been the prime focus of the WWE Showcase. Why be on the cover if someone else gets all the story-mode glory?

It seems like sometimes WWE and 2K Games are trying to fire on every cylinder and pulling too many triggers at once. But then again, maybe this is what the fans wanted?

WWE 2K19 Showcase - image-2018-08-04-03-29-12

You can look for WWE 2K19 to launch on October 9th, 2018 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This year the game won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch.


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