Agony Unrated Will Finally Launch Uncensored On Steam October 31st
Agony Unrated

Madmind Studios originally brought Agony to Kickstarter with the promise of giving gamers a truly disturbing and horrific tour through the bowels of hell; an uncensored, gory, sexually aberrant experience unlike anything else on the market just short of being an H-game. However, when it came time to launch the game under the publishing wing of Playway S.A., Agony released censored on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and the developers cited legal issues for prohibiting them from releasing the full uncensored version of the game.

TechRaptor is reporting that while Madmind is not releasing the full version of Agony, lead developer Tomas Dutkiewicz is re-releasing the Agony Unrated edition as both the developer and the publisher.

This means that Dutkiewicz is releasing the uncensored version apparently outside of whatever contract Madmind Studios signed with the original publisher, Playway.

The unrated version of Agony is set to launch on October 31st at the end of the month on Steam for PC. This is likely thanks in part to Valve’s new open-door policy for Adults Only games thanks to the implementation of the new filters that went into effect this fall.

The unrated version of Agony will feature a lot of the cut content from the game, including infanticide, guro sex, and uncensored demon orgies. There’s a video containing some of the cut content that you can view below.

Back in the spring when the game released it was announced that the uncensored version of the game would not be releasing due to legal reasons. Later in June Madmind reiterated that the uncensored version was cancelled after they originally promised to release it.

So it looks like they finally followed through (or at least, will follow through) with the promise when October 31st hits so long as they don’t get blocked by any other contractual obligations.

You can keep an eye on Agony Unrated by visiting the Steam store page. According to Madmind, they were originally going to release the uncensored version for owners of the standard version for 99% off, so we’ll see if they keep that promise when the game arrives at the end of the month.


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