Bandai Namco Reveals Soul Calibur VI’s Launch Trailer

The latest installment in the Soul Calibur series of games, which is considered to be a pseudo-reboot, is about to drop across PC, PS4, and Xbox One soon. To celebrate Soul Calibur VI’s release, Bandai Namco has released some new trailers for gamers and fans alike to look over.

I’m sure some journos will probably flip their lids when they see some of the female characters embracing their well-formed figures on the stage of history at launch and beyond, which has already happened with Ivy, but while everything seems silent at the moment you can check out one of the latest Soul Calibur VI trailers below:

More recent than the above video comes the official launch trailer that depicts the roster of 21 playable characters, which I’m sure you know more assumable fighters will appear via DLC moving forward. Anyway, you can check out the latest work right here:

Something that I’ve been wondering is, will Bandai Namco and Motohiro Okubo stick to their guns and ignore those who call to censor the game post-launch? We’ve seen in the past games like Street Fighter V face the censorship hammer regarding various characters in an attempt to appease the usual suspects. I guess we’ll have to wait and see from here on out.

Furthermore, what is known so far is that SCVI comes loaded with game modes such as Soul Chronicle (a new Story Mode recounting past events), Libra of Soul (another Story-like Mode), a Battle Mode consisting of Arcade Mode, Versus, and Training, a Character Creation Mode, and an Online Mode with Ranked Match, Casual Match, and Rankings & Replay.

If all of that sounds like fun, you can take part in the latest entry in the stage of history come October 19th for PC and home consoles. You can learn more about this game by hitting up or


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