Bloody Chronicles: New Cycle Of Death Coming To Steam Dec 13th With 18+ Episode
Bloody Chronicles

Igrasil Studio recently opened up a page on Steam indicating that their murder-mystery visual novel, Bloody Chronicles: New Cycle of Death, is set to launch on December 13th at the end of the year.

Igrasil Studio’s debut title is themed around an investigation into a series of murders that the local police forces have labeled as impossible to solve. Players will assume the role of an orphaned kid who grows to join the police academy and become an investigator… his name is Kazuki.

The young detective teams up with two siblings, along with Kaoru Moriyama who is the daughter of a multi-millionare, and Suzumi Misao who is the head of the organization that Moriyama’s father owns.

Kazuki will attempt to work with the crazy collection of partners he encounters as they try to solve the murders by the Phantom Killer.

The game was originally announced two years ago way back in 2016. The developers have been working on the content and fleshing out the story and imagery ever since.

One of the developers working on the game noted that following its release on Steam there are plans to release an 18+ update that adds additional content to the game, with extra dating and romance options. There’s also going to be paid DLC in the form of an “If” mode that adds hot spring content and a beach mode. The “If” mode content will be released as additional content, but it won’t affect the game’s story mode.

Igrasil Studio is no stranger to mature content, though, even if this is their first game. Some of the members have had ties to Marvelous Entertainment. In fact, you might even remember Igrasil Studio from the news recently when that Marvelous Entertainment partner opened up a petition to help convince Sony to abolish the new anti-fan service policy that the company has instituted.

You can follow the studio’s efforts by joining the Igrasil Studio group on Steam, or you can look for Bloody Chronicles: New Cycle of Death to launch on December 13th followed by the release of the 18+ episode. They also wanted YouTubers and content streamers to be forewarned not to stream the 18+ episode unless they want to run into trouble with the content police.

For more info on the game feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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