Call Of Cthulhu Gameplay Walkthrough
Call of Cthulhu Walkthrough

Cyanide Studios and Focus Home Interactive’s Call of Cthulhu has finally released for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 (also known as the Soystation), and on Steam for PC. The first-person horror game is attempt to take players into the mouth of Lovecraft’s madness back in the early 20th century. For gamers looking for a little help with progressing through the game, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available.

YouTuber PLAYGAMES has a full 14 video playlist available covering the complete Call of Cthulhu walkthrough. You can check out the playlist below. For some reason there’s no sound for the first five minutes by the way.

Chapter 1

The game starts at Edward Pierce’s office in Boston, Massachusetts. The World War I veteran drowns his memories in liquor.

Once it gets done loading the first chapter, Pierce wakes up in a barren sea of dead bodies and gore; viscera lay splayed across the ground like meat on a butcher’s counter.

Follow the pathway forward, through the bloody mess strewn across the pathway until the dream state warps Edward to a dock and cellar. Grab the lantern on the barrel by pressing ‘X’ on the DualShock or ‘A’ on the Xbox One controller – also grab the bolt cutters on the crates. Use the bolt cutters to get through the cellar door.

Move through the cavern until you hear that you’ve been chosen. Hold down the right trigger to run toward the gate and a cinematic will play where a bunch of faceless cultists are located. After the cinematic finishes you’ll end back up in Edward’s office.

You’ll get your first look at the RPG menu, where you’ll have several character points (CP) to distribute.

Call of Cthulhu - Character Points

There are various traits you can upgrade in each category. The categories include: Psychology, medicine, investigation, eloquence, spot hidden, occultism, and strength.

Once you set the basic attributes you won’t be able to modify them again until you unlock more character points.

Pierce is on the verge of being fired from the Wentworth Detective Agency due to not taking on any cases, but Stephen Webster comes and offers him a job he can’t refuse.

Webster will have Pierce examine the painting made from Sarah Hawkins before she died.

Examine the files on the desk first to gather the clues and then examine the painting using the clues.

Talk to Webster and you’ll be able to ask him about the files, or you can ask questions about the Hawkins family, or you can ask about the painting after examining it.

Call of Cthulhu - Dialogue Wheel

The game’s dialogue system is contextual, so as you investigate certain things or unlock certain pathways, you’ll be able to ask certain character various questions to dive deeper into the investigation and uncover some hidden truths.

Webster will instruct Pierce to go to Darkwater and investigate Warehouse 36.

You’ll need to examine the Atlas of Atlantic Islands on the book shelf to locate the location of the Darkwater Isle.

You can examine a few of the other books before traveling to Darkwater. Thankfully the sound works again fully in the second video after the launch patch is installed.

Chapter 2

After a short cinematic and the intro, you’ll briefly talk to James Fitzroy who will be located at the harbor master. You’ll also be instructed to check out the bar.

You can talk to the police officer near the dilapidated whale, and he will instruct you not to go to Warehouse 36.

Head into the bar and after a brief quarrel with a patron, talk to the bartender who will chastise you about stirring trouble with the locals. You can apologize or hold to your intestinal fortitude.

From there you can talk ask about the Warehouse 36, the stranded whale on the beach, and Sarah Hawkins.

You can also attempt to talk to the woman in the corner of the bar, but don’t ask her about holding her liquor.

Call of Cthulhu - Cat The Mystery Woman

Once you get done talking in the bar, head up into the harbor master station and talk to Fitzroy. Examine the manifests and then Fitzroy will leave. You can also examine the medicine book in the next room to add it to your collectible.

A photo of Fitzroy is located just upstairs. You can take the photo.

When you get done rummaging through the things in the harbor station, go outside and talk to Fitzroy.

Ask Fitzroy about “Cat” and the photo, and you’ll learn a lot about the going-ons at Darkwater. Also ask about Warehouse 36 and Fitzroy will direct you to the warehouse just across the jetty.

Talk to Officer Andrews, and he will warn you about Silas up at the Hawkins’ family estate.

You can also talk to the drunkards and learn a little bit more about “Cat”, the shyster trying to swindle the jimmies out of Fitzroy and his men.

In order to get into the warehouse you’ll need to interact with the two bootleggers. You can attempt to lie and say that Cat sent you, and that you and her go back. If you attempt to tell them that Cat can really put away her liquor, they won’t let you in.

Head around to the side street, to the right of the bar, talk to the guy against the wall and then go inside the empty warehouse.

You can use the hidden spot skill to grab the ratchet in the crate, the cogwheel that’s located behind some junk just underneath the wench on the second floor, and the handle in the debris by the entrance. Climb up the ladder and use the handle, ratchet and cogwheel you picked up to connect it to the wench. Crank it open to head down into the toxic sewer emanating from the green oil.

Make your way through the cenote and a monster will swim towards you, dragging you down beneath a ceiling of aquatic vertebrae. Once the flashback ends, continue through toward the end and climb up out of the access-way.

Go into the warehouse, jump down and reconstruct the scene using the left and right trigger on the DualShck or Xbox One controller. Move around the warehouse and activate the points of interest to reconstruct an idea of the scene.

There’s a news clipping on the table, be sure to take it.

The officer will enter into the warehouse and talk to him about someone else being interested in the Hawkins.

Chapter 3

You’ll be able to ask Officer Bradley a few questions. Ask him about the estate, the family, and the paintings.

Examine the estate and attempt to enter into the door on the side of the manor.

Silas will then talk about gutting scum and dumping them into the ocean.

You’ll have a limited amount of time to address Silas Winchester – you can tell him that Webster sent you, and it will sort of put him at ease, or you can attempt to get into a fight and grab his axe.

Tell Silas that he doesn’t need the key and he’ll give it to you.

Officer Bradley and Edward can then proceed into the mansion.

Inside the house, follow Bradley into the dining room area and use the investigation abilities to reconstruct the scenario.

Go into next room and reconstruct the scene; examine the boy’s body outline on the floor, the shoe under the table, the clock, and the argument between the Hawkins.

Once you get done reconstructing the scene, talk to Bradley about your discoveries.

You’ll also find another medicine book on one of the dusty old sitting chairs in the hall leading toward the front foyer.

Continue to follow Bradley into the library.

Take the Moby Dick book on the reading stand in the corner of the room.

Head up to the second level and in the southeast corner of the room you’ll find another book hyou can acquire, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

Proceed into the next room on the second floor and there’s a police complaint on one of the nightstands.

Head up into Sarah Hawkins’ room.

Take the barbiturates.

Use the locking to open the door into the next room to gather a note from Sarah to her husband, and the prescription for the barbiturates.

You’ll also find an ritual diagram on the floor – examine it.

Proceed across the hall into the boy’s room and reconstruct the scene using the left and right trigger.

Examine Simon’s fort on the floor, the book on the bed, Tom Sawyer, the sleeping pill medicine on the desk, and the nightmare drawings.

When you get done reconstructing the scene, check under Simon’s bed to grab his diary.

Head up into the next room and a short cinematic will play – chase the robed man downstairs into the room that was previously closed.

You can also alternate between the light source(s) that you use by using the left and right digital pad.

Inside the room, go over to the panel on the left side of the room and open it. There’s a gear mechanism inside. If you have enough strength you can force the gear mechanism back into operation, which will allow you to open the bookcase to reveal a secret passageway.

Chapter 4

Entering into the bookcase passageway will begin Chapter 4 of Call of Cthulhu. Inside the passageway go to the secret table meeting and reconstruct the scene – examine the mask, the chest, and the piece of cloth on the nail by the entryway.

Be sure to keep an eye on your light source fuel; you don’t want to run out of light in a dark place.

Proceed down into the dank crawlspace at the bottom of the stairwell. The passage onward will be block by some fallen boulders, but there’s another small opening you can squeeze through that will lead you into an area where there are paintings and ritual effects on the walls.

Proceed around the cavern tunnels until you reach the altar with a picture of Edward in the center. Another cinematic will play and Edward will fall into a pit of horror, filled with rotting flesh, dead fish, and the nightmare viscera.

First attempt to exit through the cage and then move around to the other side and creep through the slit between the rock and you’ll encounter the cultists.

Head over to the bench and take the ritual dagger. There’s also a book written in Latin that you can also acquire.

Proceed through the gate to witness the cultists in front of the statue of Cthulhu.

Sneak past the cultists and examine the sleeping cultists on the slabs at the back of the cave.

There’s a pesky cultist moseying about with an acute eye. Be wary of his presence.

Sneak past the cultist and head through the gate to cue yet another cinematic.

Officer Bradley will get it in the gullet, and Edward will take flight through the cave and up the stairs to escape.

On his way up the steps toward the light, the cave will collapse.

Chapter 5

Cue another cinematic, and Edward will find himself captured by Dr. Fuller.

Edward will hallucinate, believing that he’s in a mental asylum.

Go back to the bed and click on the icon to “Wait”.

Edward will wake up again in a separate room while waddling around in fit of nausea. Move through the rooms, proceeding north out toward the exit.

After yet another cinematic, Marie Colden will come to Edward’s rescue. You’ll be able to ask her just one question, so make it count.

Once you get done talking go into the room across the hall and use the reconstruction to examine the medicine on the floor, the painting on the wall, Sarah, the bed, and occultism on the floor.

Exit the hall through the door at the end of the corridor; sneak out the door on the left and make your way into the office to grab the medical record of Francis Sanders. You can also interact with an ammeter by flipping the switches attached to the wires. Two of the switches are located in the room, the other is located down the hall.

Go into the records room and take the file on Sarah Hawkins from the file cabinet.  Use the left and right bumpers to peek out from around the corners before moving down the hall.

Head down the hall and follow the red cable — there’s another orderly at the end of the hall where you need to get to for the final switch.

The orderly is standing still blocking the way out. However, there’s an inmate who wants sleeping pills in order to distract the guard so you can escape. Head into the main corridor and inside the little room in the center there’s a control wheel you’ll need to take.

Use the pick-lock on the storage room to get inside. You’ll find that there’s an orderly who walks down the hall and into the storage room. Wait for his back to turn and then proceed into the pharmacy across the hall.

Call of Cthulhu - Sleeping Pills

Inside the pharmacy, on the other side of the room divider, you’ll find the sleeping pills on the right side of the shelf.

Bring the sleeping pills back to the prisoner and he’ll create a diversion for you so you can get around to the other side of the hallway where the next switch is located.

Make your way down into the maintenance access where the green gas is coming out of the pipes. Use the valve and turn it. Place the wheel on the red pressure plate and turn the wheel. Then turn the other valves as well.

Use the pick-lock to enter into the locked room to access the lever.

Take off the grate and crawl through the vent and then use the wheel on the pipe and flip the gas switch to attract the guards.

Use the bolt cutters on the door and then head back through the air vent to avoid the guards.

Go into the unlocked observatory where Francis Sanders is located. Talk to him about Sara Hawkins and he’ll reveal that The Shambler was invoked by Sarah Hawkins through her paintings.



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