Dead Or Alive 6 Won’t Feature OMG Physics Mode Because It Was Too Exaggerated, Says Shimbori
Dead or Alive 6 OMG Mode

One of the biggest criticisms of Dead or Alive 6 is that the game has a hard time trying to figure out how “realistic” it’s supposed to be compared to how fantastical it’s supposed to be. The initial reveal trailers and interviews centered around Team Ninja producer and director Yohei Shimbori talking about how they wanted to make the game more realistic so that it could be taken seriously, and how they toned down on the boob physics and elements of the sexiness to match “world trends” and to fit more in line with American comic books. One of the things that gamers wondered about was whether the physics options would return from Dead or Alive 5, and Shimbori has confirmed that the OMG physics option will not be in Dead or Alive 6.

Speaking with Giuseppe Nelva from DualShockers during his visit to Team Ninja’s headquarters in Ichigaya, Tokyo, Japan, Shimbori was asked about whether or not the OMG boob physics options would make a return, and Shimbori explained that the OMG Mode was too exaggerated and would not be present as an option in Dead or Alive 6

“[…] Elements like violence and sexiness are perceived differently by different people, so we plan to include some options they can select. In terms of the OMG mode, that was a little bit too exaggerated in DEAD OR ALIVE 5, so we don’t think it’s fitting and we don’t plan on including that in DEAD OR ALIVE 6.”

The mode gave gamers a fun little way to exploit the physics in Dead or Alive 5, which featured an early version of the Soft Engine. You can see what the OMG Mode was like in the game courtesy of WillowAlchemist.

For the longest, gamers were unsure if boob physics would even return properly in Dead or Alive 6 because the early reveal trailers didn’t feature any boob physics. Later on during the Tokyo Game Show more footage emerged featuring the return of the boob physics and some of the returning cast members, too.

While the boob physics are back in the game, they’re not quite as refined as the Soft Engine physics present in Dead or Alive: Venus Vacation, which has evolved soft-body deformation for humanoid characters to the next level, as present in the video below from Alex Bulygin.

You can see what some of the boob physics are like in the latest trailer for Dead or Alive 6, which showcased more jiggle and bounce than the previous announcement trailers. Shimbori also revealed that the jiggling would be based on the outfits that the characters wore rather than generic jiggling across all outfits. Even still, there will be no OMG Mode for the jiggling in Dead or Alive 6.

It’s odd because before acknowledging that the option to enable OMG Mode would not be present in Dead or Alive 6, Shimbori stated that the team were constantly thinking about the options being implemented into the game, which is why they added the option to disable blood, and the option to disable the close-ups on the girls getting punched in the face following complaints from Japanese fans who didn’t want to see the female characters being abused, even though many Leftists in Western media have been praising the more “realistic” violence included in Dead or Alive 6.

So it appears as if Shimbori really dislikes the true fan-service elements of the series, especially given that he claimed that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 went “too far” with the fan-service.

Dead or Alive 6 is due out early next year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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