Disney Cancels Star Wars Boba Fett Film

Boba Fett

The rumored spin-off Star Wars film that was supposed to star Boba Fett has been cancelled, or so says a number of reports including CNET.

This comes from Critic’s Choice alum Erick Weber, who claims it was confirmed to him via Kathleen Kennedy.

As the tweet suggests, LucasFilms is now focusing on a new television series called The Mandalorian.

The upcoming show is being written and produced by Iron Man director Jon Favreau, so there is some hope for the show. However, Kathleen Kennedy and Dave Filoni from LucasFilm are still on board as executive producers, so there’s still the possibility of it turning out like other recent Star Wars projects that have been little more than failures from the perspective of the fandom.

This news also fits in line with rumors from earlier in the year where Disney had LucasFilm to reportedly kill off the Star Wars spin-off films following the box office failure of Solo: A Star Wars Film.

After LucasFilm got woke, Solo went broke.

Instead of repeating history with movies based on Boba Fett and Obi-Wan, Disney and LucasFilm decided to spare themselves the humiliation of retaliation from Star Wars fans who have become anti-SJWs and are rebelling against the machine. Disney and LucasFilm attempted to attack their own audience, claiming that they were being led around by Russian bots, and also calling them white supremacists and bigots. This did nothing to turn around the troubles that Disney brought upon itself by ruining the brand, however.

We’ll see how well The Mandalorian turns out, but after the awful storytelling and pacing disaster that was Star Wars: The Last Jedi, most people with common sense probably don’t have a lot of hope for future Star Wars projects.

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