Eroico Finally Launches Uncensored On Steam
Eroico Steam

Originally Eroico launched on Nutaku way back in the early first half of 2017. The game was generally praised for its high-quality sprite-work that looked about on par to the sort of quality you would expect from an old-school SNES title from the 16-bit era. Unfortunately for Steam gamers, the game was heavily themed around hardcore, uncensored sex, and so it was relegated to 18+ digital distribution outlets… just until Valve instituted the new adult filters for Steam, and now everyone can get their hands on Eroico.

The game is available right now over on the Steam store for $7.99.

The game has launched in its uncensored form on Steam, including all of the raunchy digitally rendered sexual encounters for which the main character can truly workout his sword.

You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the side-scrolilng, platforming combat and sexual encounters are like.

The theme of Eroico is that a bright-eyed, blonde haired fop goes off on an adventure to defeat the demon lord and save the land from his reign. This includes battling against the demon lord’s horde of monster girls, all of whom are buxom and lascivious. Players will be forcibly raped by the monster girls throughout the journey, as the hero will get a wide variety of different hotties to encounter as he attempts to spare the throne of the demon lord.

The game itself only has three different stages to complete, but it sports 15 different monster girls to bang, each of which have their own sexual animations and a game over CG sequence you can unlock.

Kyrieru’s Eroico is one of the few high-quality H-games that takes the genre to the next level, including high-quality gameplay and sprite-work with uncensored sex scenes.

If you’re interested in picking up a digital copy of the game, feel free to check out the Steam store page where the game is currently available for purchase.


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