Fallout: New California Mod Is Now Available For Download

Looking to pick up a new adventure in the Fallout realm that’s not Bethesda Game Studios’ Fallout 76? If so, the hard-working crew known as Radian-Helix Media has a new full-on conversation mod for Fallout: New Vegas known as Fallout: New California up for download. The PC mod is currently available through NexusMods.

That’s right, a newly posted mod that has been whispered and talked about by many Fallout and modding fans has finally arrived in the form of Fallout: New California. The mod made its debut not too long ago and is available to snag for PC as of this very moment.

If you want to see the mod in action, an older narrative video is up on RadianHelixMedia YouTube channel showing what New California has to offer gamers and fans alike:

Looks like fun? the steps to secure this mod on your PC can be found below thanks to Radian-Helix Media posting the steps over on moddb.com:

Fallout: New Vegas

  • If you downloaded your copy on Steam or Humble or DVD, get the 4GB Patch! <-VITAL!!
  • If you got your copy on GOG.com, you’re good to go. They patched their version, they’re heroes.
  • You do not need the Ultimate Edition or DLC. Just New Vegas by itself. But the DLC is amazing, you should buy it and play it anyway when you finish FNC.

A Mod Manager of Your Choice!

And that’s it. You’re ready! We have OPTIONAL recommended mods. Very few incompatibilities.

The steps for downloading this mod continues, as seen below:

  1. Download New California BETA 200. Download BETA 201 PATCH. Put them on your hard drive.
  2. Open your mod manager.
  3. Go to Package Manager. (The same on Vortex, MO2, NMM, and FOMM.)
  4. Select New New California BETA 200.
  5. Follow the On Screen Wizard. (DLC Patches if you have DLC! If not, skip.)
  6. Wait between some minutes on average….
  7. Done!
  8. Open Package Manager again. Select New New California BETA 201. Install. (Overwrite Yes to All!)
  9. Done!
  10. Final Step: Don’t forget to check NewCalifornia.esm in your load order to activate!!!
  11. And you’re ready. Go play.

Lastly, if you want your fix of a story-driven single-player RPG (using Fallout: New Vegas as a base), then you can further look over Fallout: New California by hitting up nexusmods.com.


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