GOG.com Apologizes To SJW NPCs For #WontBeErased Tweet, Still Gets Boycotted
GOG Apologizes

When a sentient being lacks the ability to reason, or think critically, or can only respond by being offended as if they were some kind of computer program, they usually get called an “NPC”. These people are so removed from reality or humanity that they don’t even know how to respond like an actual human, resorting to predefined insults followed by a block. It’s eerily similar to a computer program with very limited functionality, it’s one of the reasons why the NPC meme kicked off in the way that it did because of how accurate it is.

All of that being said, the Social Justice Warrior NPCs that flood social media decided to take aim at GOG.com… again. This time GOG.com is apologizing for a tweet they made on October 22nd, 2018 that stated that classic PC games would not be erased. You can view the image of the tweet below.

The tweet angered the SJW crowd, kicking them into a frenzy, which resulted in them behaving like the typical NPCs that people joke about them being. They demanded GOG.com apologize and threatened to boycott them.

GOG.com, like every single other time that they’ve been threatened by game journalists and Social Justice Warriors, caved in to the demands and issued an apology on October 23rd, 2018.

Even with the apology it still wasn’t enough for some of the Social Justice Warriors.

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment decided to boycott GOG.com following the tweet and apology, stating that they don’t do business with companies who engage in hate speech until they fire the people responsible for the speech they don’t like.

If you’re unable to read the message in the tweet, it’s signed by CEO Ben Dobyns, and it states…

“This is the third time that the CDProjectRed’s social media team, this time via the GOG.com twitter account, has posted transphobic material. The harm that hate speech does to people who are under immense threat from governments, private individuals, and corporations is incalculable. It is downright sociopathic to demean our friends and allies in this way. There is absolutely nothing funny about it.


“Please immediately cancel our contract and remove all of our films from your platform, until such time as your social media manager has been fired, a genuine apology has been made, and your replacement social media staff has received training in basic human decency. We cannot do business with a company that doesn’t take human rights and human dignity seriously. Additionally, if you personally feel discomfort with the actions of the team managing your social media account, I highly encourage you to speak up.


“As a company that makes films around the world with people from every race and background, we affirm that humanity is in the struggle for justice together. Setting race against sexuality against nation, speaking words that dehumanize and erase, staying silent, or claiming that hate speech is merely a joke: none are the actions of people who want the best for their neighbors.”

Someone in the thread for the tweet asked them if the moral grandstanding worked, and like a typical NPC, the Zombie Orpheus Entertainment account blocked them just for asking.

Instead of engaging with those who disagreed with their actions, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment simply referred to anyone who disagreed with them as “trolls”.

All of this stems from discussions about finally putting an end to the debate about having more than two genders, as people will be defined as either male or female. Opposition letters and editorials, like the ones over on the New York Times, decried this possibility, which eventually resulted in the hashtag sprouting up #WeWontBeErased.

GOG.com jokingly referred to PC games that wouldn’t be erased, but the typical crowd of those who are perpetually offended decided that GOG.com needed to apologize for making the joke, and in the case of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, called for the social media team to be fired, or reprogrammed to behave like a typical NPC.

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