Hikari! Clover Rescue 18+ Visual Novel Launches On Nutaku
Hikari Clover Rescue

Nutaku recently added another 18+ uncensored game to its line-up. The visual novel Hikari! Clover Rescue is currently available right now as a DRM-free title for only $4.99 over on the Nutaku store page.

Toffer Team’s title is only half a gigabyte in size, and it centers around three sexy girls who get captured. Each of the girls offer a piece of the puzzle for unlucking the power of mysterious amulets. Players take on the role of the lazy pilot Keigo, who is recruited as a bounty by the very busty Kasumi, in order to rescue the three girls.

So what happens after Keigo rescues the three girls? Well, his mission isn’t over with just yet, he will need to unlock the power of the amulets. However, in order to do so he’s going to have to pleasure the girls, since the only way the amulets can be powered up is through the sexual energy of the catalysts.

The game fits in line with many of Nutaku’s other high-quality adult gaming titles, featuring anime-style art, fully voiced H-scenes for each of the girls that Keigo can bang, and the choice to blow your load inside or out. Now that’s an interesting option given that you don’t oftentimes get the choice of putting the goods in the basket or leaving them out.

There are a few dialogue options and choices you can make throughout the game, along with a fully unlockable CG art gallery.

For gamers who want to get in on the action, you can do so right now by picking up a DRM-free copy of Hikari! Clover Rescue from over on the Nutaku store page.

It’s a nice little alternative to getting the game on Steam where you’ll have to deal with Valve’s DRM. You only need a PC with 1.2GHz and 128MB of RAM to run the VN, so anyone with even the most ancient of potatoes should be able to play the game.


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