Hunt: Showdown 3.0 Update Will Include Weapon Looting, Netcode Improvements
Hunt Showdown 3.0 Update

Crytek revealed the notes for the upcoming 3.0 update for Hunt: Showdown, which is being headlined by the overhauled matchmaking system. The new system will be skilled based, so players who are in the upper echelon will be matched up together, while players who posses skills on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to twitch reflexes will be teamed up together.

ADAD spam is being reduced in update 3.0 through an update in the netcode. So now it will be easier to shoot down players who attempted to take advantage of the network delays in updating movements.

Crytek is also changing up the weapon looting system. Instead of simply unlocking new weapons as you level up, you’ll soon be able to loot weapons during the match. The way it works is that you’ll be able to loot the main weapons from the player.

If you die and you get revived, you’ll also revive with the new weapon that you picked up. You can see the full detailed explanation of the system in the video below, which was cut down and edited together by YouTuber Fisk.

Now there is a caveat: you can’t pick up your teammate’s weapon. This is to reduce teammate trolling. So if you like a weapon that your teammate has, killing them won’t allow you to loot their body and take their weapon.

Some map changes are also being made to the game in 3.0. Crytek is altering the layout of the map. One of the compounds has had some modifications made to the entrances and exits, so now there are more ways to enter into and exit a certain compound.

In the bayou section of the map, they’ve lowered the water level and improved some of the designs for optimization purposes. Hunter towers have been redesigned as well, providing more defensive opportunities for snipers, so you’re not quite as vulnerable getting into and coming out of the tower.

The upcoming 3.0 release follows closely on the heels of update 2.5, which came out just ten days ago on October 10th.

Hunt: Showdown is still heavy in development as Crytek plans on keeping the game in Early Access until sometime next year in 2019. If you’re interested in the monster-hunting PvPvE game, you can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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