Hyper Universe Shutting Down In Korea On November 15th

Hyper Universe Shutting down

Nexon announced that the South Korean servers for Hyper Universe will be shutting down starting November 15th, 2018 next month. The game has only been active for a couple of years, originally appearing in 2016, going into Early Access in 2017, and now it’s about to shutdown in Korea just a short time after.

MMO Culture picked up the news following an announcement in Korean by Nexon, who confirmed that the game’s servers would be shutting down due to the company’s inability to provide a “satisfactory service” to Korean players.

The game had a pretty neat concept as a 2.5D side-scrolling MOBA, but Nexon undercut itself when the community managers convinced the developers and publishers to heavily censor the game ahead of its release back in 2017 following some complaints from Social justice Warriors.

This resulted in Hyper Universe‘s female cast of characters having their cleavage removed, their breasts shrunk, and the jiggle physics reduced.

YouTuber VCDECIDE did a video comparing the regional differences between the censored and uncensored versions of the game.

When confronted about the censorship, Nexon didn’t deny it. In fact, Nexon embraced the censorship, stating that it was necessary to reach a wider audience. The company also said that they would be retroactively censoring the Korean version as well so all versions would be censored.

Gamers requested for an SJW toggle switch, this way people who are offended at looking at boobs or are afraid and terrified of cleavage could turn on the switch and not have to see women who are extremely attractive. However, Nexon denied the request, stating that adding an SJW toggle switch would defeat the purpose of censorship.

Many gamers responded by stating that they would not be playing the game or supporting it any further if Nexon was going to censor the game in order to try to appeal to Social Justice Warriors. The game’s playerbase ended up tanking shortly thereafter, and it has struggled to build a solid audience ever since.

While the South Korean version will be getting shut down, there’s no word on if the North American version will be impacted. It’s still currently available over on the Steam store.

MMO Culture is reporting that Nexon has already contracted Cwavesoft, the developers, to head-up several other projects. In the end, it looks like getting woke resulted in the Korean version of Hyper Universe going broke.

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