Initial D Legend 1: Awakening, Legendary Anime Coming Soon To Steam
Initial D Legend 1

One of the most legendary anime of all time is Initial D, based on the manga. The series became renown for its focus on drift-culture and using small cars to rip-roar through the curvy-roads of throughout the Japanese mountainsides. Well, the 2014 rendition of Initial D Legend 1: Awakening from Sanzigen and Liden Films, is set to come out on Steam courtesy of Sentai Filmworks.

The film follows gas station attendee Takumi Fujiwara who beats the legendary Keisuke Takahashi of the Akagi RedSuns during an impromptu race using a Toyota AE86. Akina Speedstars racer, Koichiro Iketani, witnesses the legendary feat by Takumi-san and decides there’s something extraordinary about the kid who works at the gas station. This sets in motion both a friendship and a rivalry to see who can master the turns of Mount Akina and who has greater control over the heart of their vehicle, and the asphalt-burning tires that carries the chassis like a chariot in a coliseum.

The anime is just one of many anime OAVs and full-length motion pictures that have been arriving on Valve’s digital storefront recently.

One distributor in particular, Sentai Filmworks, has been rolling out all sorts of anime onto the storefront in recent times due to the fact that Valve lifted the restriction on adult content thanks to the new filters. With the new filters, we’re now seeing AO-rated content flood the Steam storefront. Even while some Christian organizations continue to condemn the free marketplace for offering gamers the kind of tiddy games and anime that other Social Justice Warrior NPCs don’t want you to have, gamers and anime lovers alike have banded together to let the cash flow into the coffers of the capitalism god.

We’re now seeing more and more adult-oriented movies and games appear on Steam, and it’s a beautiful thing if you love freedom.

You can look for Initial D Legend 1: Awakening to arrive on Steam very soon. You can add it to your wishlist or follow it by visiting the Steam store page.


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