Ion Maiden Developer, Voidpoint, Mysteriously Absent From Press Materials

Ion Maiden

A regular reader of One Angry Gamer notified us that the developers of Ion Maiden, the retro-FPS being made on the Build Engine from back in the 1990s, has been mysteriously left out of the press material that 3D Realms and 1C Entertainment have been using to promote Ion Maiden and to announce its console release set for the second quarter of 2019.

In a thread over on the Duke4 website, one of the developers, going by the handle of Hendricks266, wrote…

“3D Realms’ PR firm has told us basically that in the past, and we fully understand how useful the 3D Realms name is to our marketing. However, there is more to the discussion than that.


“Take a look at the press release: http://www.gamasutra…les_Q2_2019.php


“Here are the counts for how often each name appears on the webpage.


“3D Realms: 13
“1C Entertainment: 15
“Voidpoint: 0


“When speaking to a live audience (think classrooms) on a complex/controversial/contentious topic, I introduce my material with the statement, “My first allegiance is to the truth.”


“If a publisher cannot be arsed to mention the developer of their game even once, it means accurately representing the truth is not their highest concern.”

This isn’t just a developer spilling sour grapes over a small community in the backwoods of the internet where the last remaining real gamers reside and hardcore aficionados of quality entertainment congregate, away from the rags and propaganda peddlers that currently makeup the foundations of major video game media outlets.

If you click through the link to the Gamasutra press release, you will note that it does not mention Voidpoint at all.

You’ll also notice that in the slot where it lists the developer, Voidpoint is replaced by 3D Realms.

It might seem like a simple mistake, but the lack of Voidpoint being mentioned in the press release actually did result in some outlets misreporting on a separate game, which prompted Voidpoint to have to issue a correction by social media.

In the duke4 forums, Hendricks266 wrote…

“Before the rumor trains get started, I want to say that PC Gamer’s article “The team behind Ion Maiden is working on a new Quake engine game” is misinformation. Voidpoint has nothing to do with this Quake engine game. Perhaps the confusion arose because 3D Realms yet again failed to mention Voidpoint in its press materials.”

I did notice that when the news made its way around the wire it made no mention of Voidpoint, which prompted me to go back and check the Steam page just to be sure that they were still working on the game, which is currently still in Early Access on the Steam store.

Voidpoint also doesn’t appear in the intro splash for Ion Maiden, just 1C Entertainment and 3D Realms. At the end of the trailer, however, Voidpoint is listed with their logo.

Given that the actual developers seem perturbed at the fact that 3D Realms seem to be erasing them from the promotional material, I did reach out to 1C Entertainment – the distributors of the physical releases of Ion Maiden for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch – to ask why Voidpoint wasn’t mentioned in the press release. If they decide to respond the article will be updated to reflect their response.

(Thanks for the news tip anon)

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