Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? First Season Lands On Steam For $39.99
Danmachi Memoria

Following the fallout of the Waifu Holocaust earlier this year, Valve took a completely different approach to curating content on Steam: opening the floodgates allow for almost everything on the platform. This meant that tons of uncensored visual novels, H-games, and Adults Only games have been releasing on the Steam store since the new filters have been implemented, and games aren’t the only thing flooding the Steam store lately.

The spring 2015 release of the anime series Is It Wrong To Try To Pick UP Girls In A Dungeon? also made its way to the platform, featuring lots of big bouncy boobs, waifu-bait and plenty of classically hand-drawn action to help fill out the series.

Much like GATE, you can pick up the first season from distributor Sentai Filmworks from the Steam store for $39.99. The package contains 13 episodes from the first season.

Each episode clocks in at just 25 minutes.

The series follows novice adventurer, Bell Cranel, who journeys into dungeons and attempts to fight monsters all in hopes of meeting a hot chick. It’s like the complete opposite reason of why Goblin Slayer does what he does.

Bell ends up meeting up with a hot chick, but it’s not quite what he expected given that she’s a hot goddess with big ‘ole boobs, but she has other plans.

The story centers around the duo and their screwball adventures through the fantasy world of Orario. Don’t expect goblins popping cherries of newbie adventurers like in Goblin Slayer, though. This is a lot more tame despite still featuring nudity, sexual content and lots of violence.

Hopefully the series doesn’t get butchered the way DanMachi: Memoria Freese did for mobile devices when CrunchyRoll’s localizers falsely advertised some features and then claimed that the touching mechanics they removed from the game were never intended for American gamers.

The Steam release of DanMachi features Japanese voiceovers with English subtitles. So it’s more subs over dubs, which is the proper law of anime (so someone at Valve is doing something right when it comes to anime releases).

You can check out the series right now over on the Steam store, if you were interested in adding more anime to your collection.


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