Kara No Shojo, Uncensored Murder-Mystery Launches In Time For Halloween
Kara No Shojo

MangaGamer announced that Innocent Gray’s mature-themed, psychological murder-mystery visual novel, Kara No Shojo, is currently available on Steam in all its uncensored glory just in time for a Halloween release.

Gamers looking to conjure up some scares and mysteries during the spookiest time of the year can do so with the very adult-oriented Kara No Shojo. The game is based around a detective who gets drawn into a series of grisly murders that take place around the Tokyo metropolitan area shortly after the great war in 1956.

Players assume the role of Tokisaka Reiji, who is tasked with tracking down a killer who snatches up you girls within the area and brutally maims and dismembers them, including ripping off their heads and ripping out their wombs.

The murders have an obvious pattern to them but Reiji can’t seem to figure out the motive behind the gory slayings. Things begin to take an even weirder twist when he goes undercover at his younger sister’s school as a substitute teacher, only to find that the killings continue to keep taking place and no clear suspect stands out.

It’s up to players to guide Reiji through the metropolitan jungle of Tokyo, Japan, interviewing suspects, building relationships, and finding clues.

While Kara No Shojo is classified as a visual novel due to the way the story unfolds and the interactions are setup, the game actually requires a lot more player involvement than the typical visual novel. The story will unfold and character relationships will change based on the choices you make throughout the game.

The game sports 30 different characters to interact with, and a very mature story featuring gory imagery to tag along with the thrilling story.

MangaGamer originally released Kara No Shojo a decade ago through their own digital web portal. Following Valve’s recent update to the adult filters for Steam, MangaGamer decided to port the uncensored version of the popular psychological thriller steeped in mystery and intrigue onto the Steam store.

You can pick up a digital copy of Kara No Shojo from the Steam store for $34.99. During the first week of release you can get it for 30% off the original price for only $24.49.


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