Kunoichi Tsubaki Arrives Uncensored On Steam
Kunoichi Tsubaki

DLsite and Triangle’s Kunoichi Tsubaki recently arrived on Steam in all its uncensored glory for PC gamers, as spotted by Steam Uncensored. The game is available for only $15.99, but during the first week of being on sale the H-RPG is discounted by 10% off for only $14.39.

DLSite noted that this version of the game doesn’t require any additional patches or updates or upgrades to get it to its full-on 18+ standard.

The game centers around the warring period of Japan, where demons are running rampant on the land, killing, feeding, and raping the people. The only heroes who can stop the demons are a specially trained group of sexy ninjas known as the Kunoichi.

Even though it’s an H-game, Kunoichi Tsubaki has some interesting elements, such as being able to engage in an investigation element of the game before utilizing the combat and stealth portion of the game.

During the day players will assume the role of a kunoichi that disguises herself as a maid in order to gather information and find out how to subdue the warlord, while at night the objective is to sneak into the castle and execute the enemy. It’s almost like what Assassin’s Creed games used to be like before turning into historical propaganda machines.

You’ll have sneak attacks that you can use to take out enemies via stealth to avoid facing off against them in head-to-head combat, and you can transform into a cat to avoid being detected. In order to increase Tsubaki’s skills you must also increase her Lust levels, wherein the higher her Lust levels the more damage she can dish out but also the more damage she’ll receive.

When Tsubaki’s Lust levels maxes out she goes into heat, where players will have to learn how to utilize her Heat and work through the pros and cons of her abilities.

You can learn more about Kunoichi Tsubaki by visiting the Steam store.


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