Live3D Lets You Customize 3D Anime Characters And Livecast Via Webcam

Chinese development outfit ZingFront has released Live3D, a software middleware suite that allows you to import all supported 3D characters and livecast through the character using your webcam.

The software utility enables you to import customizable 3D characters, modify their expressions, their design, and their disposition, and then align the character’s face with your own so that when you use the character with a webcam, it will emulate your own expression. It’s very similar to Facewear’s FOIP feature for Star Citizen.

There’s also full-body motion recognition as well, so if you have a mo-cap suit you can set it up with Live3D and move the character around within the studio. You can check out a demonstration of the tech in the video below.

The full-body capture is supported by the Perception Neuron by Noitom, which is a full-body mo-cap solution that came out back in 2015. It’s surprisingly affordable for allowing the amount of kinetic extension and motion point data capture via the software suite. You can actually grab the full kit for just $1,499 from over on the Noitom website.

If you don’t have a full-body motion capture solution kit, don’t sweat it. You can still use your custom anime character to set it up to work with any standard webcam device. Much like the V-Katsu creation kit from IVR, you can align the vector points on the character’s face to your own face and livestream games, webcasts, or machinima using the 3D anime character.

Additionally, you can also use the built-in body animation suite that comes with Live3D that enables you to modify the character’s body motions and poses. There are also preset backdrops you can use as well.

The Steam version is the basic version of ZingFront’s software for non-commercial use or limited personal profit purposes. For those of you intending to use this for channels or streams that generate more than $500 a month, you’ll need to acquire the subscription-based version of the software, which is a pro-version that offers more assets, tech support and features not present in the basic version of Live3D.

You can learn more by hitting up the software’s Steam store page, where the basic version is available for free.


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