Lucy Got Problems Visual Novel Lands On Steam With A Righteous R18+ Patch

Lucy Got Problems

Flat Chest Dev’s Lucy Got Problems is a comedy yuri visual novel about a succubus spy named Lucy who bumbles through life and always ends up compromising situations. Lucy ends up in a forest on a mission from her superior, Tiamat, who wants to make sure that she doesn’t return empty handed, but Lucy doesn’t know what she’s supposed to be returning with. Lucy attempts to pry deep into the inhabitants of the forest to find something worthwhile to bring back to her mistress.

Lucy Got Problems sees the saucy and succulent succubus sauntering about the forest in order to encounter a number of different characters that are sure to give you something pleasing to look at and play with.

The game is only three through five hours in length, but it sports “dynamic” action sequences that have different outcomes based on the choices you make.

The game includes partial character animations, as well as two secret characters to encounter, and support for both cards and Steam achievements.

You can get your hands on the uncensored patch that turns Lucy Got Problems into an R18+ game by downloading it from over on the Flat Chest Dev Patreon page.

Lucy Got Problems - Boob Squeeze

Once you download the uncensored patch just copy it and paste it into the game’s Steam folder. Once you do that you’ll be good to go and ripe and ready to experience all of the naughty bits.

The visual novel has already gained a small following so far after it originally made its debut on Steam back in late September.

You can actually grab a free demo of the game right now from over on the Steam store to test it out and see if it offers the kind of entertainment that will get a rise of your interests.

Lucy Got Problems is available right now for $7.99 on Steam, or you can get the full uncensored version that already comes packed with the R18+ patch from Jast USA.

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