Marvelous Partner Shares Petition To Convince Sony To Renege On Their Anti-Fanservice Policy [Updated]
Senran Kagura Burst Renewal

[Correction 10/25/2018:] The original article stated that a Marvelous employee shared the petition, but it’s actually a community affiliate and current partner of Marvelous Entertainment who works at a separate studio called Igrasil Studio. The headline and article has been updated to reflect this correction.

[Original article:] A developer working for Igrasil Studio, who is also a Marvelous Entertainment partner for the Japanese and European branches of the company, shared a petition back on October 16th, 2018 to help get the community riled up and ready to politely take the fight to Sony. This is in regards to the company’s new policy that  prohibits aggressive fan-service from PS4 games released in the West.

The petition is being hosted over on, where Yagyu wrote…

“The new strategies and policies recently announced by SONY are far from good for their own future.

“Games such as SENRAN KAGURA & Omega Labyrinth Z are the epitome of fan service. Games like these have some limitations on what is definitely enough to enjoy them in full-length.
Removing the Intimacy Mode (Diorama feature) in SENRAN KAGURA is a bad idea and you know it.
Sony allows games like “The Witcher” and the like to offer far more fan service. Is anime the reason for it? We do not know it.”

The petition, which appears to have gone through a machine translation from Japanese to English, explains how this new policy that Sony has enacted will be harmful for the future of the PlayStation brand.

Sony has already barred the release of Omega Labyrinth Z in the West, and forced XSeed Games to censor content in Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal for the Western release, which involved removing the Intimacy Mode.

The policies aren’t really consistent, though, as they’ve allowed for gay dating simulators like Dream Daddy on the PS4, but not Super Seducer.

Yagyu explained that Sony’s new policies will drive fans away from the PlayStation brand and right into the arms of Nintendo and PC, writing…

“All these games have a good limit and do not break any of your laws. The Playstation is known for asian games and we love the consoles for that. But with your current status, it could fundamentally turn it around.


“You want to completely lose your fans to Nintendo and PC?


”I don’t think so.


“Do something about it!


“Keep the games like they are!”

This isn’t the first petition that gamers have put together beseeching Sony to turn from their censorious ways. When Omega Labyrinth Z was banned in the West, gamers also put together a petition requesting Sony not to ban the game.

This new policy from Sony only seems to target Japanese-style games that contain sexy anime characters that appeal to straight males.

Even though the censorship and bans have been limited so far, it’s still rather detrimental to the overall software ecosystem of the PlayStation and for gamers who enjoy fan-service

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