Monster Musume Anime For Adults Only Has Arrived on Steam [Update]
Monster Monsu

[Update:] It’s been confirmed by a Steam user that the Adults Only version on Steam is indeed the uncensored version of the anime.

[Original article:] Sentai Filmworks has been getting bold. They initially began releasing a lot of chary anime on Steam; playing it safe and just working the ranks by filling out their library of available titles on Valve’s digital distribution network. But now… now they seem to be pulling out the stops and unleashing the big boys (and boobs) on Steam.

One such anime that’s now available via the PC download service is the adults only version of Monster Musume. You won’t be available to visit the Steam store page unless you are logged into your account, you are over 18/21 years of age, and you have your profile settings marked for allowing you to view games marked as “Adults Only”, which means the product would typically be rated as AO.

Monster Musume‘s first season is currently available on the Steam store for $34.99. You get all 12 episodes, apparently uncensored, and you can begin streaming them right now.

You can check out the safe for work version of the trailer below to get an idea of what the anime is like.

While the trailer above features the English dub, keep in mind that the actual Steam listing for the anime features Japanese voices with English subtitles.

The anime is centered around Kurusu Kimihito who ends up with a bunch of monster girls in his company, including a half-snake chick, a half-horse chick, and a one-eyed monster girl.

The show centers around Kurusu’s exploits dealing with the buxom group of monster-girls and the sexually-charged energy that surrounds him and his not-quite-human harem.

The first season of the anime series is available right now over on the Steam store and it’s currently rated as “Adults Only”, but you’ll need to fish around to find out if it’s actually uncensored, because if it is… oh boy is Steam going to get interesting in the near future.

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