Open Discussion: October 14th, 2018

I know this is a bit late, but the latest Open Discussion for the month of October is here and brings the usual stuff as of old — the gift of gab. If you are unfamiliar with this system, you can post up something that you may have found interesting (related to gaming or not) without facing any form of censorship.

The Open Discussion series allows readers to participate in a topic or start up their very own discussion by posting up whatever comes to mind, which video games, movies, TV shows or other media is more than relevant on this discussion board.

The Open Discussion series also explores specific topics to partake in if you happen to be out of things to write about. However, if you do not want to partake in the Open Discussion and wish to change the subject to something that is pressing feel free to do so.

Furthermore, like any other post on this very site, any comment will be approved and will not face any kind of censorship. If you happen to notice that a comment of yours has not appeared for other people to see, whether it was censored by WordPress or Disqus, message us and let us know your problem and we will try to fix it.

This week’s Open Discussion theme is about stuff that you’ve found interesting in the past weeks or stuff you think is worth bringing up and covering here. In other words, you can highlight stuff regarding controversial moves the games industry or media is facilitating, or stuff about SJWs that’s really irksome.

Again, as noted above, you don’t have to stay on topic if you don’t want to. This means you can talk about stuff that feels important to you on this discussion board even if it’s about something unrelated to the aforesaid.


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