Open Discussion: October 21st, 2018

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This week’s Open Discussion is about DICE employees leaving. Two pieces by and have gone up a couple of days ago claiming that some employees are expected to “jump off the ship.” The reports claim that over 40 employees have left DICE for better jobs at Ubisoft and Epic Games (due to their lucrative live services and new studios in Stockholm, Sweden) and because of Star Wars Battlefront 2 development debacle.

Publication site wrote the following:

“Close to 40 employees have left Dice this year, a number that is expected to increase. Among the causes is the failed launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2, as well as tough competition from new gaming companies in Stockholm.


According to LinkedIn, close to 40 employees have left [Dice] this year, however sources indicate the real number is in fact higher. Additionally, a handful of employees have quit but not yet left the company.


Some of the people who have left the company have spent over 10 years at Dice […], which has previously been known for having a very low layover rate, in particular for executive/management positions.


[…] One major reason for people leaving Dice is that new gaming companies which have begun competing for employees.


Both Epic Games [Fortnite] and Ubisoft have recently opened offices in Stockholm. [Previously established companies] King and Paradox Interactive are also growing in size. These four companies are the primary organizations who are recruiting staff from Dice. […] At least 13 employees have left Dice to work [for Ubisoft’s new studio, started by former Dice-boss Patrick Bach]. […] Another 8 have joined Paradox Interactive […].


Another cause for people leaving Dice is the failed launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 last year. [… Due to massive criticism], developers had to rush a new version of the game out. “It was a debacle. For many [employees], it was very tough to have to quickly redo the game”, one source says.


[Dice have grown from 699 employees to 737, however that number doesn’t tell the truth]. That number includes other personnel under the Dice-umbrella, including employees working on Frostbite, the development group SEED, the Gothenburg-based studio Ghost, as well as all EA-employees based in Sweden.”

With all of that said, what’re your thoughts on this? Remember you can stray off topic or you can stay on topic regarding DICE and employees leaving the company in the comment section below.


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