Party Hard 2 Lands On Steam, Allowing You To Kill, Murder, And Destroy Annoying Party Goers
Party Hard 2

Pinokl Games, Hologryph and Kverta’s Party Hard 2 has made its way onto the Steam store for PC gamers recently, carrying a $19.99 price tag out of gate, but launching at a 10% off discount allowing you to get the game for $17.99 during the first week of being on sale. There’s also a collector’s edition available that allows you to purchase the first and second game together in a bundle.

The sequel to the party-hating serial killer sees players back in the role of a man on a mission to murderize as many party-goers as possible before the police take him down. The story is based around a psychopath just trying to get some sleep, but due to his partying neighbors, he can’t. So instead of calling the police, he decides to dole out justice the only way he knows how: murder.

Your job is to crash as many parties as possible and take out as many party goers as possible using the allotted equipment, traps, weapons, and explosives.

New to the sequel is the ability to play as four different characters, each with their own abilities and stats. You can also request for backup in the form of bears, the Terminator, and more.

I was kind of shocked to find that tinyBuild, the publisher, allowed the developer to include strippers in the game who can get naked. That one sequence showcased the player luring the hottie into the room where she got naked and a bunch of cops who came in to ogle her digitally bare body got electrified (along with the stripper). That would never fly in an AAA game in [current year], and even if it did make it in there would be more screeching from the Left-wing propagandists posing as journalists than a sound engineers’ convention for banshee effects.

Additionally, Party Hard 2 introduces a crafting mode so you can make new traps on the fly based on items you can collect around the stage. New 3D effects have also been implemented, including drivable vehicles and other environmental elements.

Party Hard 2 sports 14 interactive levels, 27 original music tracks, and a local cooperative mode.

You can learn more about the game or pick up a digital copy from over on the Steam store.


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