Priest Simulator Will See You Exorcising Demons In A Small Town Come 2019
Priest Simulator

Ultimate Games and Delirma Studio announced that they have a new game in the works due out in 2019 called Priest Simulator. And no, it’s not a 3D version of playing Catholic priests who enact out the sort of shota stories one might find from the Twitter timeline of Shadman, much to the disappointment of male feminists. Instead you’ll be taking on the role of a priest who must carry out specific activities within his profession.

According to one of the creators of the game, Michał Jod,Priest Simulator will include carrying out sermons and tending to the people of the small village where the priest resides, along with dealing with more serious endeavors such as exorcising demons from NPCs…

“In our new game you will feel like a priest, the most privileged person in the village. We focus on an open world in which the main path of the storyline will be intertwined with intriguing side tasks. There will be plenty of standard activities – e.g. preaching sermons, visiting people and the sacraments but there will also be some more unusual activities such exorcisms and battles with demons”

If you’re curious how a priest will be battling demons in first-person without using shotguns or rocket launchers, look no further than the trailer below, featuring EDM and a hot chick possessed by a demon in the bed gyrating in a tight tank top and some fresh panties.

As you can see, when your exorcise the demon it will go and chill on a chair while having a beer. When the demon appears to be mind-raping the chick, though, you can see that the priest can abandon her and go do some other stuff, like get drunk and eat a turkey. However, there are ways to kill the demon, though. You can purchase a speargun after getting enough money from confessions to hunt down the demon and kill him real good.

You can also take money from people during confession and use the money to upgrade the church. Alternatively you can use the confession booth to check out some hot chicks and see them in their bra and panties. It looked a little like the same chick who was getting ravaged by the demon, so she probably went to confess that she enjoyed the demon’s roughshod spiritual BDSM?

Anyway, the game allows you to zap pagan druids, throw furniture through windows, and even give sermons to people at the church.

A lot of the commenters feel as if this could be a spiritual successor to Postal 2. The one thing many of them seem to be requesting is the ability to piss on demons. That would surely bring the game to the next level of entertainment.

You can look for Priest Simulator to launch December 25th, 2019 next year on Steam. You can wishlist or follow the game by visiting the Steam store page.


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