Re-Legion Is A Cyberpunk RTS Where You Use A Cult Leader To Control NPCs

1C Entertainment and Ice Code Games released a new trailer for their isometric real-time strategy game, Re-Legion. The game is a cyberpunk RTS where you build your own cult and attempt to ascend to godhood. The new trailer for the game is actually pretty cool, showcasing large amounts of NPCs on the screen, some of the intense battles you’ll encounter with heretics, and the methods you can use to convert people, either peacefully or through force.

Re-Legion is a really interesting concept because it’s not often we get to play games where you play as the villain. Essentially you’re like a Social Justice Psyionist, except instead of fighting for Social Justice on Twitter and Facebook, you’re taking control of the dregs of society and turning them into NPCs to do your bidding… just like Silicon Valley tech companies turning Leftists into Communist, brain-dead slaves in our current day society.

You can check out the new trailer below, which details the general premise and some of the gameplay mechanics.

Aesthetically it doesn’t look bad, and the environments definitely have this kind of techno-religion guise to them that reminds me a little bit of a darker, and more sterile version of Warhammer 40K, or a more dystopian version of Firaxis’ XCOM 2.

If I did have a criticism about the game’s visuals, it would be that the laser fire from the rifles looks like some sort of spreadsheet plotting graph that got stuck in an infinite loop state and stretched across the screen. In other words, the collective laser fire looks more like some sort of bug rather than a feature. But maybe that’s just me and the laser fire is fine for everyone else.

The game will see players embodying the role of Elion, as he attempts to get rid of misery, suffering, and destitution through his calling as a prophet to lead the people to salvation. This will be done through power, influence, and violence.

You’ll need to manage your resources wisely, convert average citizens into an adept follower through adroit manipulation and skill.

According to Nikolay Baryshnikov, CEO of 1C Entertainment, the game’s core concept is based on today’s current sociopolitical breakdown in civility and social interaction due to the political Yakuza controlling the Left, and all the major tech firms in California. Baryshnikov stated that the core of the game, for now, will focus on how Elion rises to power, but if things turn out well they could also explore how the cult can be manipulated and grown through multiplayer features as well…

“Re-Legion presents interesting philosophical concepts relevant in today’s world in the context of a fresh take on the RTS genre. We’ve decided to focus on the single player aspect of Elion’s journey to messianic power to create the most satisfying experience for players, with the possibility of adding multiplayer elements after launch.”

The game is also being built around replayability, as you’ll be able to establish different dogmas and rules for your religion. Depending on how you develop your cult will determine how society will be affected by its presence.

It’s definitely an interesting game and you can look for it to release on PC during the first quarter of 2019.


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