ResetEra Doxes Employee For Not Being An NPC
ResetEra Dox

The video game hate forum, ResetEra, has an ever-expanding thread covering the situation, where the company tweeted out that PC games won’t be erased. Social Justice Warrior NPCs (or non-player characters) behave like a hivemind where anyone who doesn’t agree with their extremist religion is attacked, de-platformed, doxed, or they attempt to get them fired, or worse. In this case, ResetEra’s criticism of escalated from censuring to full-blown doxing, even after apologized for tweeting about how important PC gaming is.

The very top of the thread has a note from moderator Bronson Lee, who wrote…

“The New York Times broke news yesterday that the Trump Administration was looking to define transgender people out of existence. You can read the ResetEra thread here.


“Since this news has started, the hashtag #WontBeErased has been trending on Twitter being used by transgender people who are fighting for their right to exist in the United States. There is no scenario where this can be as anything other than transphobia.


“This is not a tone deaf response or accidental usage of a hashtag, but the third time they have done something like this. Posts which attempt to downplay or dismiss the transphobic nature of the tweet or play things off as simply tone deaf will be moderated appropriately.”

Journalist Nick Monroe has a lengthy Twitter thread covering the escalation on the forum from harsh words and attacks on the company’s politics, to the actual devolution into doxing the employees.

It’s true. After page 17 the forum thread begins to devolve into posting personal information of employees in hopes of “deplatforming” them.

On page 18 there’s another update from moderator Bronson lee, who advises the members of the forum not to dox people by avoiding posting personal information…

“Don’t post something that could lead to someone’s personal information being found. We don’t know which individual made the tweet, only that it was someone on GOG/CDPR’s social media team.

“If you have to ask, don’t do it.”

According to journalist Ian Miles Cheong, he posted a video on the Hype Break channel pointing to tweets from the ResetEra administrator who was bragging about the social media manager needing to get fired for his tweets.

Journalist Brad Glasgow also caught the official Escapist account retweeting activists on Twitter calling for the employee to be fired, showing that they’ve already broken their rule about leaving politics at the door.

This isn’t the first time that ResetEra has mobilized a witch hunt against someone based on their beliefs. The forum recently targeted a YouTuber because he supported President Donald Trump, and the forum also attempted to organize a boycott of Play-Asia because the international distributor condemned SJWs for getting people fired and trying to de-platform those who didn’t settle into the ideological hegemony of the Intersectional Inquisition.

The forum has become so hateful and bigoted that even a developer at Bethesda noted that ResetEra had become nothing short of a “hostile environment”. Given that the forum isn’t above allowing the escalation of topics into doxing territory, it’s not hard to see why the developer thinks that about ResetEra.

This all becomes even more ironic given that previously a employee specifically went to ResetEra to apologize, and now they’re being doxed by the members of that same forum.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle).


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