ResetEra Targets Pokemon GO Content Creator Verlsify For Supporting President Trump
Verlis vs ResetEra

If you identify on the Right of the political spectrum, if you adopt Conservative values, if you’re a Republican, or you openly support President Donald Trump, you could find yourself in the crosshairs of the community from the extremist forum known as ResetEra.

YouTuber Tony “Versifly” Gatto managed to acquire his own thread on ResetEra on October 15th, 2018. The thread starts off fairly charged, accusing Gatto of being part of the “Alt-Right” propaganda machine. User A Dog wrote…

“Tony Verlis Gatto, also known as Verlisify, has been pushing pretty hard on the alt-right politics via his Twitter. He also hosts a paid Discord for children to join. Pokemon is meant for children and the YouTube community around it should reflect the franchise.

“Would you want your kid learning Pokemon from someone who says things like this?”

A Dog posted up evidence of Gatto’s offenses, which included tweets supporting President Donald Trump and judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Gatto became a target of ResetEra due to his growing influence on YouTube with his channel Verlisify.

The channel has more than 432,000 subscribers, and is filled almost entirely with Pokemon video game content.

The ResetEra thread is a little disjointed because they haven’t quite figured out what to do about Gatto, especially since he isn’t an official partner with Niantic Labs or Nintendo, and he doesn’t have a blue checkmark on Twitter.

User entremet inquired of the ResetEra community as to what their “next steps” should be with dealing with Gatto, writing…

“That twitter sure is something.

“That said he’s not officially associated with Pokemon in any way so I don’t know what the next steps here.”

User VitalNonsense was a little more direct about implying that simply supporting Conservative views should net you “consequences”, replying to another user who was banned for saying that Brett Kavanaugh was “unjustly accused” and asking why it isn’t okay to support Trump.

VitalNonsense wrote…

“You’re allowed to believe anything. But believing something doesn’t make it reality, nor does it make it morally permissible.

“The right to free speech is not the right to be respected and it is not freedom from consequence. It just means in this case that being a fucking idiot is not illegal on a legislative level until it starts tangibly affecting other people in ways that violate other laws. Private individuals (us) are also free to react to that belief in ways that do not violate laws.

“So yes, you are legally entitled to be an idiot, shark. That’s correct.

“Enjoy the consequences.”

Gatto is definitely aware of the disturbing trends pushed by Leftists throughout media and politics, and while he hasn’t acknowledged the ResetEra thread yet, he continues to post up content that makes his followers aware of just how destructive the SJW agenda can be.

For now, it appears ResetEra will be impotently raging into their own echo chamber until they can decide on what to do about Gatto, but we’ve seen in the past how these sort of witch hunts can form up and net someone lots of unnecessary harassment, which is what happened when a fact checker from the New Yorker accused a Marine veteran of being a Nazi, when it turned out that it wasn’t true at all. However, in a rare case of justice being served, the fact checker, Talia Levin, resigned from the New Yorker after being corrected about falsely accusing the veteran of being a Nazi.

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