RPGSports Removes Boogie2988 From DnD Tournament Following Complaints From SJWs
Boogie2988 RPGSports

Social Justice Warriors have recently been re-branded as “NPCs” to suit their non-player character behavior. It’s fitting given that many of these people don’t act like normal human beings and are incapable of having rational discussions or allowing for people to exhibit views or opinions that aren’t staunchly enriched with regressive ideologies spawning from the Leftist orthodoxy. A perfect example of this disruptive behavior was put on full display when the new streaming channel RPGSports announced that YouTuber and content creator Boogie2988 would be removed from the Dungeons & Dragons tournament broadcast following complaints from SJWs in the LGBTQ community who claimed that Boogie2988 was homophobic.

Initially RPGSports announced (via a now removed tweet) that Boogie2988 would be part of the Dungeons & Dragons competitive tournament hosted live on Twitch.

However, on October 19th, 2018, shortly after RPGSports announced that Boogie2988 would be joining the broadcast, the organization then tweeted out that they had listened to feedback from the community and had “recasted” the “participant” so that the community would feel more “comfortable”.

If you’re unable to read the message, it states…

“We want you to know that we take your feedback to heart. Many of you were disappointed in our announcement earlier and we sincerely apologize. Our goal is still to give competitive gamers a way to feel comfortable trying DnD, but we want to make sure that YOU are comfortable as well. We have recasted and we are ensuring that the participants from here on out will make you excited to see them involved. We will continue to listen to the community and do the best we can. Thank you for your support.”

RPGSports failed to name the individual they replaced, leading to some people asking about who was being recasted and why. As is typical from the SJWs, they used vagaries and ideological equivocation to avoid naming names, which only led to more confusion.

Several users finally linked to RPGSports’ earlier comment about attempting to bring Boogie2988 on board the broadcast, which led to some gamers becoming frustrated that he was being ousted without a proper reason.

Gamers began asking Boogie2988 about why he was booted from the RPGSports Dungeons & Dragons competition after he tweeted out about it, and he explained it across a couple of tweets.

The justification from Social Justice Warriors – all of whom have pronouns in their Twitter profiles and are staunchly Left-leaning ideologues – was that Boogie2988 retweeted Nazis, had affiliation with #GamerGate, and was homophobic.

Even attempting to get Boogie2988’s detractors to engage with him directly resulted in a lot of dismissive deflections, with some of the people who reported the YouTuber claiming that he’s caused so much abuse they have him muted.

This originally all spawned from when Boogie2988 appeared on a June 19th, 2018 edition of the H3H3 Podcast and made some comments about the divisiveness of gay marriage, as recapped by YouTuber TheProgressiveVoice.

Since that moment, Social Justice Warriors have claimed that Boogie2988 is homophobic, anti-LGBTQ and a hateful person. Given that RPGSports is attempting to appear progressive, they instantly caved in to the complaints from Social Justice Warriors and removed Boogie2988 from the broadcast.

Basically, Boogie2988’s attempts to straddle the fence and continue to be nice to the SJW NPCs has done nothing but result in them continuing to pour hate his way.

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